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Console Connect and Unitas Global extend automated reach to more markets worldwide

19th April 2021November 29th, 2023

Console Connect and Unitas Global have teamed up to extend the automated reach of their respective on-demand interconnection platforms to more markets worldwide, providing more flexible and competitive network solutions for enterprises and carriers.

The combination of the multi-award winning Console Connect Software Defined Interconnection® platform, with Unitas Reach™ network and Unitas Nexus™ Marketplace provides businesses with ubiquitous access to more cloud-based applications and services.

The collaboration enables Console Connect to extend the reach of its NaaS platform in the US. Console Connect users can now interconnect directly to more data centres locations throughout the country, expanding the overall data centre footprint of the digital platform.

“By bringing together the Console Connect and Unitas Nexus platforms through a carrier-grade network interconnection, we are able to seamlessly extend the ability to provision and pay for network services in real-time,” says Michael Glynn, VP of Digital Automated Innovation, PCCW Global. “For Console Connect, this collaboration expands our ever-growing ecosystem to more data centre locations throughout the US. Customers on our platform can now order access ports to these new US data centres and spin-up services as part of our core network – enabling them to access our data centre-to-data centre  connectivity or directly interconnect with our cloud, SaaS, IoT or IX Peering partners at the click of a button.”

The interconnection also provides Unitas Global with greater service reach and diverse service options in Asia Pacific and Europe, further extending its network edge access. Unitas Global customers can now reach more data centre and cloud partners in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe and South Africa via the Console Connect digital platform API. The automated Console Connect fabric is underpinned by PCCW Global’s private, low latency IP backbone, which is one of the largest MPLS networks in the world.

“Gaining visibility into the availability, diversity, and varying costs of network connectivity services has long been an industry-wide challenge,” shares Mary Stanhope, CMO of Unitas Global. “Fully-automated software platforms like Console Connect and Unitas Nexus™ Marketplace are even more powerful when combined to find available on-ramps from millions of enterprise buildings worldwide to the global network and then establish connections from those locations to all desired SaaS and cloud services.”