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extend network coverage to new markets worldwide.

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Extend your network reach globally

While your customers expect their devices to be seamlessly and affordably connected anywhere in
the world, mobile network operators face significant challenges in establishing and maintaining
global roaming services.

Increased competition, rising costs and growing complexity with network management continues to
impact the profitability of your business – all in a market that has been impacted by the global pandemic.

Console Connect’s mobile connectivity solutions help you rapidly expand into new markets and extend
your global reach while simultaneously reducing traffic costs.

Why choose Console Connect?


You can rely on Console Connect’s fast, secure and extensive mobile and IP networks.


We are bringing together more of our mobility solutions with our automated Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform.

Truly global reach

We can help your business reach over 180 countries worldwide – with strong coverage and competitive rates across the Asia Pacific region.

End-to-end management

We take care of all your roaming agreements and pricing so you can focus on your core business.

Full support

Our mobile connectivity solutions are monitored by global network operations centres 24/7/365.

Get more from Console Connect

Bundle your mobility solutions with our range of on-demand connectivity services.


Mobile eSIM

Secure and seamless global roaming for your customers – without the need for a physical SIM.

Sponsored roaming

Highly flexible, cost-effective and secure international voice and data roaming services for your customers.


Protect and optimise your Application-to-Person (A2P) traffic and revenues with Console Connect.


Enable MNOs, MVNOs and IoT providers to reach all 800+ GSM mobile networks worldwide for international 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G roaming through a Console Connect port.


Extend your global coverage at preferential rates by leveraging our extensive international network and existing partnership agreements.


Quickly roll out new mobility products including 4G and 5G data, voice, messaging and IoT applications leveraging our MVNE platform.

IPX Connect

On-demand connections between mobile networks, mobile SaaS vendors and customers to hundreds of locations worldwide using a carrier-grade IPX solution that leverages our fully-automated network.

How Console Connect‘s mobile connectivity
can help your business


Smaller, often fast-growing operators cannot easily establish global interconnection agreements and often find themselves at a disadvantage when negotiating rates.

Our mobile connectivity solutions enable MNOs and MVNOs to easily provide their customers with cost-effective and secure global connectivity.

Our existing interconnection agreements provide worldwide connectivity and large traffic volumes ensure competitive rates.

Travel industry

Since the global pandemic, the travel industry is looking for new ways to grow revenue.

Complementary roaming services delivered via a SIM or eSIM are a great value-added service for travellers and helps build brand loyalty.

Console Connect’s SIM and eSIM solution delivers global coverage though mobile 5G partner networks and our global points of presence.

Automotive industry

Electric vehicle manufacturers require robust, carrier-grade wireless connectivity to connect vehicles and provide new automotive features and benefits.

IPX Connect provides the performance, security and reliability required to connect vehicles to manufacturer networks and cloud services.

Fast, secure and global reach ensures vehicles remain connected wherever they are in the world.

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