Layer 3

Build instant virtual networks between your different clouds, SaaS applications, IoT devices, enterprise locations, other networks and more.

Take away the pain and complexity of network configuration and management.

Use CloudRouter® to create a private and secure Layer 3 network between your different network endpoints.

Why CloudRouter®
is for you

Experience global virtual routing across one of the world’s largest high-performance networks.

Private and secure

Connections between clouds – without the need to install, manage or maintain any equipment.

Point, click, connect

Add or remove new network edge locations and let CloudRouter® do the rest.

Flex bandwidth on-demand

Spin up services for as little as one hour.

Select your Class of Service

Prioritise traffic for your mission-critical applications.

Enhanced and dynamic routing

Create a virtual “full mesh” between your different network endpoints.

Benefits of CloudRouter®

More efficient routing

Avoid backhauling your network traffic between data centre locations and the cloud.

The full cloud experience

CloudRouter® gives you the ability to transfer data between clouds within your own virtual Layer 3 network, without the need for a physical Access Port at a data centre.


CloudRouter® leverages Console Connect’s own private, high-performance network and allows users to select from different tiers of Class of Service.

Simple setup

Only configure your site once and CloudRouter® will create a virtual mesh between all your other network endpoints.

Truly global reach

Extensive reach to every major cloud provider and a growing number of SaaS partners, with a choice of more than 150 partner on-ramps worldwide.

You are in complete control

Set up a virtual network connection for as little as a day, and manage the aggregate bandwidth of your CloudRouter®(or routers) through the Console Connect app.

Keeping cloud connectivity simple

The move to multi-cloud can be complex, but CloudRouter® keeps your cloud connectivity simple.

Instantly connect any cloud to any cloud, or any cloud to any location – without the need for dedicated hardware.

Connect between different cloud regions.
Connect between different cloud platforms.
Set up an Access Port and connect your enterprise data centres and sites into your multi-cloud environment.
Move traffic between your private WAN and the cloud.
Automate your data backup and recovery between clouds with reliable and redundant connectivity.
Ideal for organisations that run primary systems on one cloud platform and backup or secondary systems on another.
Enhance the performance of your applications with private connections to your SaaS provider.
Use CloudRouter® to establish secure and fast connections to multiple SaaS providers.

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How to keep your multi-cloud
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You’ll learn:

Improve the way you transfer data between clouds

Avoid common pitfalls with cross-region data transfer

Automate your data backup and recovery

A virtual global network
at your fingertips

Build a virtual network over one of the world’s largest high-performance networks.

Extend your network environment without worrying about additional network configuration and management.

Click and connect together your clouds, SaaS applications, enterprise locations, IoT devices and other networks, including data centres, Wide Area Networks (WAN) and last-mile access.

A Console Connect Access Port is required to add your enterprise locations and networks using CloudRouter®.

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