Layer 2

Fast, private and on-demand Layer 2 connections.
Delivered via our own high-performance network.

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Why point-to-point Layer 2
is for you

A point-to-point Layer 2 connection is the most direct and secure way to connect together two destinations on your network.

Use the Console Connect Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform to click and connect directly between your enterprise locations, data centres, clouds, applications and other users of the platform.

Connect locally, regionally or across the world using our own high-performance network.

We connect you to

Enterprise locations

Get set up with Access Ports at your enterprise locations and self-provision Layer 2 connections between them.

Data centres

On-demand metro, regional and international Layer 2 connections between 900+ data centres in 50 countries worldwide.


Create a dedicated and secure Layer 2 connection between your Access Port and public cloud provider. And save on egress fees.

Other users

Privately connect to other platform users. Discover which companies are already part of our ecosystem and connect port-to-port.

What makes
us different


Manage your interconnections through our easy-to-use self-service portal. Or interconnect via API.


Adjust bandwidth in real-time to meet the needs of your businesses.


Only pay for what you use. Connections available for as little as a day.

Improve performance

Our network delivers an assured quality of service with 99.9% service availability.


Our private network bypasses the public internet, enhancing the security of your traffic.


Full traffic monitoring on all Layer 2 connections across our network.

A network you can trust

Layer 2 connections are delivered via our own global private network infrastructure.

Guaranteeing higher levels of network performance and security. Backed by industry-leading SLAs.

Take an interactive tour of our platform

See how easy it is to provision and manage a Layer 2 connection between two ports.

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How to connect

Self-provision private connectivity to the cloud, which saves up to 50% on egress charges
Supports hybrid cloud environments
Spin-up dedicated Layer 2 connections between your enterprise locations, which delivers additional network redundancy
Adjust bandwidth to meet the needs of your hybrid workforce
Connect your data centre location directly to another data centre location
Extend your network reach to 900+ data centres worldwide
Connect privately port-to-port with other users of the platform
Spin up a Layer 2 service for as long as you need

How to get started

Order an Access Port:

  • Select Access Port speed
  • Activate Access Port

Select your source

Select your destination

Choose bandwidth

Choose duration

Your Layer 2 service is activated

Let’s talk about how Layer 2
can work for your business