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Enhance the speed, reliability and performance of your connections to Google Cloud Platform with Console Connect.

We make connecting directly to Google Cloud easy

Using the Console Connect Network-as-a-Service platform, it couldn’t be simpler for your business to directly connect to Google Cloud products and services.

As a trusted Google Cloud Interconnect Partner, Console Connect offers extensive reach to Google Cloud locations worldwide using our own high-performance global network.

Through a single management portal, you can build and scale your connectivity to Google Cloud and all other major cloud platforms – in real-time and on-demand.

Your global Google Cloud Interconnect Partner

The following Google Cloud Platform locations are available on-demand via Console Connect – with new locations being added all the time.

ZonesCountryCityData Centre
yyz-zone2-2206CanadaTorontoEquinix Toronto (TR2)
yyz-zone1-392CanadaToronto151 Front Street West
scl-zone1-1779ChileSantiagoLevel(3) Santiago
scl-zone2-1779ChileSantiagoLevel(3) Santiago
qro-zone1-1778MexicoQueretaro Kio QRO1
qro-zone2-1778MexicoQueretaro Kio QRO1
iad-zone1-1USAAshburnEquinix DC1-DC15, DC21 - Ashburn
iad-zone2-1USAAshburnEquinix DC1-DC15, DC21 - Ashburn
ord-zone1-440USAChicagoCoreSite - Chicago (CH1)
ord-zone2-440USAChicagoCoreSite - Chicago (CH1)
ord-zone1-7USAChicagoEquinix Chicago (CH1/CH2/CH4)
ord-zone2-7USAChicagoEquinix Chicago (CH1/CH2/CH4)
dfw-zone1-4USADallasEquinix Dallas (DA1)
dfw-zone2-4USADallasEquinix Dallas (DA1)
lax-zone2-19USALos AngelesCoreSite - LA1 - One Wilshire
lax-zone1-8USALos AngelesEquinix Los Angeles (LA1)
mia-zone1-15USAMiamiEquinix Miami (MI1)
mia-zone2-15USAMiamiEquinix Miami (MI1)
lga-zone1-1422USANew YorkDataBank New York (LGA1)
lga-zone2-16USANew YorkDigital Realty | Telx New York (111 8th Ave)
sjc-zone1-6USASan Francisco Bay AreaEquinix SV1/SV5/SV10 - Silicon Valley, San Jose
sjc-zone2-6USASan Francisco Bay AreaEquinix SV1/SV5/SV10 - Silicon Valley, San Jose
sea-zone1-86USASeattleEquinix Seattle (SE2/3)
sea-zone2-86USASeattleEquinix Seattle (SE2/3)
ZonesCountryCityData Centre
hkg-zone1-1118ChinaHong KongEquinix Hong Kong (HK2)
hkg-zone2-1118ChinaHong KongEquinix Hong Kong (HK2)
hkg-zone1-225ChinaHong KongMEGA-i (iAdvantage Hong Kong)
hkg-zone2-225ChinaHong KongMEGA-i (iAdvantage Hong Kong)
kix-zone1-1791JapanOsakaEquinix Osaka (OS1)
kix-zone2-1791JapanOsakaEquinix Osaka (OS1)
nrt-zone1-452JapanTokyoEquinix Tokyo (TY2)
nrt-zone2-738JapanTokyoAT Tokyo CC2
icn-zone1-7674KoreaSeoulKINX Gasan
icn-zone2-7674KoreaSeoulKINX Gasan
kul-zone1-460MalaysiaKuala LumpurAIMS Kuala Lumpur
kul-zone2-460MalaysiaKuala LumpurAIMS Kuala Lumpur
sin-zone2-2260SingaporeSingaporeEquinix Singapore (SG3)
sin-zone1-388SingaporeSingaporeGlobal Switch Singapore
tsa-zone1-456TaiwanTaipeiChief LY Building Taipei
tsa-zone2-456TaiwanTaipeiChief LY Building Taipei
bne-zone1-4688AustraliaBrisbaneNEXTDC B2
bne-zone2-4688AustraliaBrisbaneNEXTDC B2
syd-zone2-1605AustraliaSydneyEquinix Sydney (SY3)
syd-zone1-1660AustraliaSydneyNEXTDC S1
ZonesCountryCityData Centre
mrs-zone1-226FranceMarseilleInterxion Marseille (MRS1, MRS2)
mrs-zone2-226FranceMarseilleInterxion Marseille (MRS1, MRS2)
cdg-zone1-1536FranceParisInterxion Paris 7 (La Courneuve)
cdg-zone2-1536FranceParisInterxion Paris 7 (La Courneuve)
fra-zone1-683GermanyFrankfurtEquinix Frankfurt West (FR4)
fra-zone2-683GermanyFrankfurtEquinix Frankfurt West (FR4)
mil-zone1-1974ItalyMilanIRIDEOS Avalon Campus
mil-zone2-1974ItalyMilanIRIDEOS Avalon Campus
arn-zone1-156SwedenStockholmEquinix Stockholm Bromma (SK1)
arn-zone2-156SwedenStockholmEquinix Stockholm Bromma (SK1)
zrh-zone1-81SwitzerlandZurichInterxion Zurich / Glattbrugg
zrh-zone2-81SwitzerlandZurichInterxion Zurich / Glattbrugg
dxb-zone1-1355UAEDubaiEquinix DX1 - Dubai
dxb-zone2-1355UAEDubaiEquinix DX1 - Dubai
lhr-zone2-47UKLondonGlobal Switch (London 2)
lhr-zone1-832UKLondonEquinix London Slough (LD5-LD6)
ZonesCountryCityData Centre
dxb-zone1-1355UAEDubaiEquinix DX1 - Dubai
dxb-zone2-1355UAEDubaiEquinix DX1 - Dubai

The faster, smarter way to manage your connectivity to Google Cloud

Easy setup

Console Connect does the heavy lifting with connecting your on-premises network to Google Cloud.

Improve performance

Avoid the public internet and experience a more consistent and secure connection to Google Cloud.

Simple to manage

See real-time pricing for connectivity to Google Cloud and self-provision and manage your interconnection through our platform or via our API.


Access multiple Google Cloud regions or connect seamlessly between different cloud providers.

Reduce network costs

Save money on egress charges and adjust bandwidth to meet the needs of your workload.

From device to cloud

Connect your devices directly to Google Cloud to support remote working or IoT applications.

How to connect

Point-to-point Layer 2

Watch our demo on how to quote, order, and manage a dedicated Layer 2 connection to Google Cloud.

Layer 3 CloudRouter®

Or learn how to use CloudRouter® to add a Google Cloud instance and create a virtual Layer 3 connection.

How it works

Let’s talk about how Console Connect
can work for your business