Premium internet access whenever you need it
delivered across a Tier 1 global network.

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Combine performance with agility

Console Connect’s Internet On-Demand (IO-D) brings you internet connectivity that is reliable, secure and scalable.

Self-provision, pay and manage your internet access service in real-time via the Console Connect web portal or API.

Access high-quality connectivity

Delivered via a Tier 1 IP network (AS3491) ranked in the top 10 globally.

Puts you one hop away

From the world’s largest cloud and content providers.

Flexible pricing

Choose from a dedicated or burstable bandwidth model.

Easy setup

See instant pricing. Select and assign your routing. Purchase IPv4, IPv6 or mix blocks.

Available via a single Access Port

In 600+ data centres worldwide or order directly to your enterprise site in select markets.

Enhanced security

Option to bundle your service with DDoS protection and Managed Firewall.

One of the world’s leading IP networks

Our Tier 1 transit-free IP network (AS3491) is ranked in the top ten globally.

Fully resilient single AS

Best-in-class round trip delay

Supports IPv4 and IPv6

Low-latency routing

Premium business internet
is available in 600+ data
across the
following countries:

One hop away from the
world’s largest cloud and
content providers

Connects you directly to popular cloud and
content providers, including AWS, Apple,
Dropbox, Google Cloud, Netflix and more.
Improved speed and performance to support
latency-sensitive traffic such as gaming.
Engineered for minimal packet loss and
network congestion.
24/7 support and service monitoring from our
global Network Operation Centres (NOCs).

Our network is gold-tier

We are a gold-tier Google Verified Peering Provider (VPP). That means our IP network (AS3491) is recognised by Google for offering enterprise-grade internet services with diverse peering connectivity to Google. Learn more.

How to get started

Order and activate an Access Port
At your office, enterprise location or data centre

Select Access Port speed
From 100Mbps through to 100Gbps

Choose bandwidth model
Dedicated or burstable

Select your routing
Public, private or static

Assign routing
Enable default routing for AS3491

Purchase IP addresses on-demand
IPv4, IPv6 or mix blocks

Activate IO-D
Manage all your Console Connect services through one portal

Get more
from your
IO-D Service

Contact us to find out more
Click and add DDoS protection to re-route suspicious DDoS traffic to our scrubbing centres.
Managed firewall
From installation, operation, upgrade, and maintenance, to parts and end-of-life/end-of-support process monitoring.
Managed router
An end-to-end managed service including router installation, configuration, and maintenance.
Take complete control of your WAN with our agile, application-aware networking solution.