As end-to-end IoT connectivity becomes increasingly complex, Console Connect IoT simplifies and automates the ordering, deployment and change management of global IoT networks.

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Making global IoT connectivity simple

Console Connect IoT enables you to easily orchestrate and manage your IoT connectivity – from edge to cloud – across our own fast, secure and private high-performance global network.

Embrace network automation

Using network automation, Console Connect IoT delivers cloud-like agility and control over your connected devices worldwide.

Dynamically route traffic between your devices, office locations, data centres, clouds and more – without traversing the public internet.

And manage your global IoT connectivity through one centralised and easy-to-use management portal – or plug-in via API.

Why choose Console Connect IoT?


Orchestrate private connectivity on a global scale, and manage your connections through one easy-to-use platform.


Our secure end-to-end IoT service is delivered via a private connection with no exposure to the public internet. It’s also fully compliant to GSMA standards.

Global reach

Console Connect IoT is available in over 180 countries worldwide and is monitored by global network operations centres 24/7/365.

Reduce costs

Flexible and affordable pricing options that can dramatically reduce both your data and operational costs

Take greater control

Monitor your devices and traffic in real time with data usage visibility and alerts.

Explore our ecosystem

Privately connect your devices to a global ecosystem of IoT, cloud, SaaS and other business partners available on Console Connect.

Get more through one SIM

Private interconnection

Fast, secure and reliable IoT data connectivity between devices, designated clouds and data centres – using a global, private network.

Reach further with SIM

Leverage 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks anywhere in the world using only one global SIM – so you never have to swap network SIMs between countries.

From device to cloud

Seamlessly connect your IoT devices directly to your cloud provider of choice.

eSIM integration

eSIM is an industrial-grade module that is specifically designed to connect and manage IoT devices wherever they are in the world.

Connect your devices directly to and between clouds

Manage both your global IoT and cloud connectivity through one platform.

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How Console Connect IoT can help your business

Shipping & logistics

Critical shipping and environmental data is securely communicated across all international shipping routes and destinations.
Console Connect’s IoT solution can help provide location, temperature, and shock information from a single global SIM that connects to 2G, 3G, 4G and  5G networks.
Console Connect IoT provides SIM activation, deactivation, traffic profile, traffic analysis and usage alert functions as well as overall IoT management services.
Global support is provided by a 24/7 service desk team.

Point of sale networks

Build secure payment networks linking multiple payment devices anywhere in the world.
Point-of-sale system connects via our secure Console Connect IoT gateway directly to a payment network and any bank credit card server.
Fast, secure and globally scalable point-of-sale deployment.

Digital signage

By pre-installing Console Connect IoT SIM devices into digital display systems, digital signage solutions providers can connect securely, reliably and instantly over 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G networks anywhere in the world.
Digital signage can be deployed onsite instantly with secure pre-installed connectivity – without having to utilise an insecure and expensive third-party network or having to wait for a broadband line installation.
Console Connect’s self-service IoT portal can be used to activate the connection when the digital signage is in use, as well as to deactivate the connection when the signage is not required – saving connection costs.

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