Securely connect any edge device to anywhere.
Without touching the public internet

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Introducing Edge SIM

Introducing the world’s first mobile connectivity solution that bypasses the public internet.

Directly connect your devices to clouds, data centres and office locations worldwide – and manage your end-to-end IoT connectivity in real-time through a single platform.

Enhanced security and performance

As IoT devices and networks handle more of your sensitive and mission-critical data, your business can’t afford any gaps in security.

Traditional mobile solutions leave your data exposed to pitfalls of the public internet, while end-to-end private networking solutions, such as VPN, are inflexible and don’t offer ubiquitous coverage.

Edge SIM brings together the enhanced performance of private networking with the flexibility and ubiquity of mobile networks – giving you full control and security over your global IoT assets.

Why choose Edge SIM?

Connect anywhere

Extensive roaming coverage in over 180 countries worldwide through reach to 600+ networks.

Enhance security

Take your mobile traffic away from the public internet, reducing the threat of cyberattacks.

Bypass the internet

Reach back-end applications using our private, global network.

Full control

Manage and monitor your end-to-end IoT connectivity through an
easy-to-use web portal.


Easily manage and route traffic from your devices to multiple backend locations.

Provision in minutes

Fully automated point and click provisioning for global IoT projects.

Giving you peace of mind

Unlike other mobile network solutions, Edge SIM avoids backhauling your traffic across the public internet. Why is this important?

Standard SIM using internet backhaul Edge SIM using private connectivity
  • Insecure and vulnerable to attack
  • Can expose sensitive data
  • Traffic is not exposed to the risks of the public internet
  • Significantly reduces the threat of a cyberattack
  • The public internet is best effort
  • Can lead to service disruption, downtime and loss of business
  • The Console Connect network offers an quaranteed level of service
  • With 99.99% service availability
  • Bandwidth and network speed is not quaranteed
  • Internet routing is optimised for cost, resulting in inefficient traffic routes
  • The Console Connect network offers stringent SLAs, covering jitter, packet loss and latency
  • Console Connect’s private network is optimised for performance and ensures your traffic is delivered via most efficient routes
Best suited for loT applications with standard data, including:

  • Smart home devices & automation
  • Sensors
  • Smart wearables
  • GPS trackers
loT applications with sensitive or mission critical data, including:

  • Asset management
  • Network management
  • Logistics
  • Connected cars
  • Payment networks and POS devices
  • Live broadcast
  • Healthcare solutions
  • Security systems

The most secure way to access the cloud

Connect your IoT devices directly to any of the world’s largest cloud platforms.

And manage and pay for both your mobile connectivity and bandwidth-based cloud connectivity through the Console Connect platform – with contracts for as little as a day.

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Experience the power of CloudRouter®

Edge SIM is an extension of Console Connect’s Layer 3 CloudRouter® service.

Dynamically routes traffic between devices, clouds,

Fully integrated with the Console Connect ecosystem, giving you instant direct, private access to leading cloud and SaaS providers

Choose your class of service and prioritise your most critical data

When an Edge SIM really shines

Payment networks

Use Edge SIM to build a highly secure payment network
Directly connect Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices to a cloud-based payment network
Fast and scalable POS deployment worldwide
Makes payment network management easier for retailers and improves security of customer data

Remote workforce

Fast and secure connections for your remote workers
Easy to add and remove remote office locations to your virtual Layer 3 network
Scale up and down to meet the evolving needs of your workforce
Your remote workers can directly access cloud-based applications and services hosted in different data centre locations

Live broadcasting

Use Edge SIM with standard GSMA-compliant video cameras
Supports multiple mobile video feeds and delivers live video streaming from multiple angles during sports events
Suitable for live streaming from a video server hosted in the public cloud

How it works

Configure network using CloudRouter®

Order your CloudRouter®

Choose bandwidth and length of contract

Add your Edge SIMs and other sites

Select Class of Service between sites

Edge SIM activation

Order Edge SIMs to your required location

Select your usage plan

Once you receive your SIMs, configure them via the management portal

Assign your Edge SIMs to a site

Review your usage plan

Get in touch to discuss your IoT