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Experience cloud connectivity that is as fast, secure and scalable as your business needs it to be.

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Agile and secure connectivity to meet the needs of your hybrid or multi-cloud strategy.

Click and connect to and between any public cloud providers using our global high-performance network.

Improve efficiency and reduce cost through a direct cloud connect service delivered via Console Connect.

Bringing you closer to the cloud

Dedicated and on-demand connections to and between all the world’s leading cloud platforms.

Connectivity that meets the needs of any cloud strategy

Dedicated Layer 2 connections between your data centre or office location and the cloud.
Self-provision, manage and pay for your direct cloud connect service via our website portal.
Private connections between your on-prem cloud server and public cloud platform.
Adjust bandwidth to meet the needs of your workloads.
Use CloudRouter® to create a virtual mesh network between different cloud regions and cloud platforms.
Automate data backup and recovery between cloud providers.

Cloud connectivity made easy

Reduce complexity

Our self-service portal and intuitive UI gives you complete control over your global cloud connectivity.

Greater flexibility

Avoid long lead times and restrictive contracts. Flex bandwidth up and down to meet the needs of your workloads in the cloud.


Connect to the Console Connect platform via API and introduce greater automation to your workflows.

Increase visibility

Monitor all your cloud connections in real-time, including bandwidth allocation and utilisation.

Improve performance

Create Layer 2 or Layer 3 connections across our network, bypassing the public internet and enhancing user experience.

Extend your network reach

Our cloud ecosystem is always growing. With a choice of 120+ cloud on-ramps worldwide, our platform brings you closer to the public cloud.

Choose your connectivity model

Point-to-point Layer 2

Use Console Connect to create private Layer 2 connections between your data centre and public cloud provider. Manage your direct connections to the cloud via web portal or API.

Layer 3 CloudRouter®

The move to multi-cloud can be complex, but CloudRouter® keeps your cloud connectivity simple by creating a virtual Layer 3 mesh between different cloud locations.

Reach multiple clouds through a single platform

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Your Console Connect journey begins with an Access Port.

Reach data centre locations worldwide at the click of a button.