Optimise your business for the cloud by privately connecting to any of the world’s largest public cloud platforms through Console Connect.

As the public cloud becomes the host for an increasing number of mission-critical applications, network demands for security speed and agility are growing rapidly. Console Connect can help solve these problems with business-critical connections that are simple, secure and flexible.

Directly connect to major cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Expressroute, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud from any of our growing number of data centre locations in 50+ countries.

Region (Direct Connect Locations)Region Code CityData Centre
Africa (Cape Town)af-south-1Cape TownTeraco CT1
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)ap-east-1Hong KongEquinix HK1
Asia Pacific (Osaka)ap-northeast-3OsakaEquinix OS1
Asia Pacific (Seoul)ap-northeast-2SeoulKINX
Asia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-1Hong KongiAdvantage Mega-i
Asia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-1Kuala LumpurMenara AIMS
Asia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-1SingaporeEquinix SG2
Asia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-1SingaporeGlobal Switch
Asia Pacific (Sydney)ap-southeast-2SydneyGlobal Switch SY6
Asia Pacific (Sydney)ap-southeast-2SydneyEquinix SY3
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)ap-northeast-1TokyoEquinix TY2
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)ap-northeast-1TokyoAT Tokyo Chuo Data Center
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)ap-northeast-1TaipeiChief Telecom LY
Canada (Central)ca-central-1MontréalCologix MTL3
EU (Frankfurt)eu-central-1ParisTelehouse Voltaire
EU (Frankfurt)eu-central-1FrankfurtEquinix FR5
EU (Frankfurt)eu-central-1FrankfurtInterxion FRA6
EU (Frankfurt)eu-central-1ZurichInterxion ZUR1
EU (Ireland)eu-west-1Cape TownTeraco CT1
EU (Ireland)eu-west-1JohannesburgTeraco JB1
EU (Ireland)eu-west-1DubaiEquinix DX1
EU (Ireland)eu-west-1LondonDigital Realty (UK) Docklands
EU (London)eu-west-2LondonDigital Realty (UK) Docklands
EU (London)eu-west-2LondonTelehouse West
EU (Paris)eu-west-3ParisTelehouse Voltaire
EU (Paris)eu-west-3ParisInterxion PAR7
EU (Paris)eu-west-3Paris
US East (N. Virginia)us-east-1AshburnAshburn Equinix DC2/DC11
US East (N. Virginia)us-east-1DallasDallas Equinix DA2
US East (N. Virginia)us-east-1MiamiMiami Equinix MI1
US East (N. Virginia)us-east-1RestonReston CoreSite VA1
US East (Ohio)us-east-2ChicagoEquinix CH2
US West (N. California)us-west-1El SegundoEquinix LA3
US West (N. California)us-west-1Los AngelesCoreSite LA1
US West (N. California)us-west-1San JoseEquinix SV5
US West (Oregon)us-west-2Las VegasSwitch SUPERNAP 8
US West (Oregon)us-west-2SeattleEquinix SE2
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RegionCountryCityData Centre
Australia EastAustraliaSydneyEquinix SY2
Australia EastAustraliaSydney2NextDC S1
East AsiaChinaHong KongEquinix HK1
East AsiaChinaHong Kong2MEGA-i
Germany West CentralGermanyFrankfurtInterxion FRA11
North EuropeIrelandDublinEquinix DB3
Japan EastJapanTokyo2AT TOKYO
West EuropeNetherlandAmsterdam2Interxion AMS8
Southeast AsiaSingaporeSingaporeEquinix SG1
Southeast AsiaSingaporeSingapore2Global Switch Tai Seng
South Africa NorthSouth AfricaJohannesburgTeraco JB1
UK SouthUKLondonEquinix LD5
North Central USUSAChicagoEquinix CH1
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ZonesCountryCityData Centre
hkg-zone1-1118ChinaHong KongEquinix Hong Kong (HK2)
hkg-zone2-1118ChinaHong KongEquinix Hong Kong (HK2)
hkg-zone1-225ChinaHong KongMEGA-i (iAdvantage Hong Kong)
hkg-zone2-225ChinaHong KongMEGA-i (iAdvantage Hong Kong)
kix-zone1-1791JapanOsakaEquinix Osaka (OS1)
kix-zone2-1791JapanOsakaEquinix Osaka (OS1)
nrt-zone1-452JapanTokyoEquinix Tokyo (TY2)
nrt-zone2-738JapanTokyoAT Tokyo CC2
icn-zone1-7674KoreaSeoulKINX Gasan
icn-zone2-7674KoreaSeoulKINX Gasan
kul-zone1-460MalaysiaKuala LumpurAIMS Kuala Lumpur
kul-zone2-460MalaysiaKuala LumpurAIMS Kuala Lumpur
sin-zone2-2260SingaporeSingaporeEquinix Singapore (SG3)
sin-zone1-388SingaporeSingaporeGlobal Switch Singapore
tsa-zone1-456TaiwanTaipeiChief LY Building Taipei
tsa-zone2-456TaiwanTaipeiChief LY Building Taipei
bne-zone1-4688AustraliaBrisbaneNEXTDC B2
bne-zone2-4688AustraliaBrisbaneNEXTDC B2
syd-zone2-1605AustraliaSydneyEquinix Sydney (SY3)
syd-zone1-1660AustraliaSydneyNEXTDC S1
mrs-zone1-226FranceMarseilleInterxion Marseille (MRS1, MRS2)
mrs-zone2-226FranceMarseilleInterxion Marseille (MRS1, MRS2)
cdg-zone1-1536FranceParisInterxion Paris 7 (La Courneuve)
cdg-zone2-1536FranceParisInterxion Paris 7 (La Courneuve)
fra-zone1-683GermanyFrankfurtEquinix Frankfurt West (FR4)
fra-zone2-683GermanyFrankfurtEquinix Frankfurt West (FR4)
mil-zone1-1974ItalyMilanIRIDEOS Avalon Campus
mil-zone2-1974ItalyMilanIRIDEOS Avalon Campus
arn-zone1-156SwedenStockholmEquinix Stockholm Bromma (SK1)
arn-zone2-156SwedenStockholmEquinix Stockholm Bromma (SK1)
zrh-zone1-81SwitzerlandZurichInterxion Zurich / Glattbrugg
zrh-zone2-81SwitzerlandZurichInterxion Zurich / Glattbrugg
dxb-zone1-1355UAEDubaiEquinix DX1 - Dubai
dxb-zone2-1355UAEDubaiEquinix DX1 - Dubai
lhr-zone2-47UKLondonGlobal Switch (London 2)
lhr-zone1-832UKLondonEquinix London Slough (LD5-LD6)
yyz-zone2-2206CanadaTorontoEquinix Toronto (TR2)
yyz-zone1-392CanadaToronto151 Front Street West
iad-zone1-1USAAshburnEquinix DC1-DC15, DC21 - Ashburn
iad-zone2-1USAAshburnEquinix DC1-DC15, DC21 - Ashburn
ord-zone1-440USAChicagoCoreSite - Chicago (CH1)
ord-zone2-440USAChicagoCoreSite - Chicago (CH1)
ord-zone1-7USAChicagoEquinix Chicago (CH1/CH2/CH4)
ord-zone2-7USAChicagoEquinix Chicago (CH1/CH2/CH4)
dfw-zone1-4USADallasEquinix Dallas (DA1)
dfw-zone2-4USADallasEquinix Dallas (DA1)
lax-zone2-19USALos AngelesCoreSite - LA1 - One Wilshire
lax-zone1-8USALos AngelesEquinix Los Angeles (LA1)
mia-zone1-15USAMiamiEquinix Miami (MI1)
mia-zone2-15USAMiamiEquinix Miami (MI1)
lga-zone1-1422USANew YorkDataBank New York (LGA1)
lga-zone2-16USANew YorkDigital Realty | Telx New York (111 8th Ave)
sjc-zone1-6USASan Francisco Bay AreaEquinix SV1/SV5/SV10 - Silicon Valley, San Jose
sjc-zone2-6USASan Francisco Bay AreaEquinix SV1/SV5/SV10 - Silicon Valley, San Jose
sea-zone1-86USASeattleEquinix Seattle (SE2/3)
sea-zone2-86USASeattleEquinix Seattle (SE2/3)
scl-zone1-1779ChileSantiagoLevel(3) Santiago
scl-zone2-1779ChileSantiagoLevel(3) Santiago
Download the step by step guide to connect to Google Cloud
RegionRegion CodeCountryData Centre
Sydney-EquinixAustraliaSydneyEquinix SY3
Tokyo-EquinixJapanTokyoEquinix DX1
Seoul-KINX GasanKoreaSeoulEquinix FR5
Singapore-EquinixSingaporeSingaporeInterXion FRA10
Dubai-EquinixDubaiDubaiEquinix TY4
Frankfurt-EquinixGermanyFrankfurtKINX Gasan
Frankfurt-InterXionGermanyFrankfurtEquinix SG1
Johannesburg-TeracoSouth AfricaJohannesburgTeraco JB3
London-EquinixUKLondonEquinix LD6
London-Digital Realty Sovereign HouseUKLondonDigital Realty Sovereign House
Ashburn, VA-Equinix USAAshburn, VAEquinix DC6
Phoenix, AZ-Digital Realty USAPhoenix, AZDigital Realty LOS1
Phoenix, AZ-Coresite USAPhoenix, AZCoresite LA2
San Jose, CA-Equinix USASan Jose, CAEquinix SV10
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Tencent Cloud logo
RegionAccess PointsCityData Centre
Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan (Hong Kong, China)ap-hongkong-a-kcHong KongEquinix HK2
Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan (Hong Kong, China)ap-hongkong-b-jjaHong KongChina Unicom
Download the step by step guide to connect to Tencent cloud
RegionRegion Code (Access Point)CityData Centre
ap-southeast-2Sydney-BSydneyEquinix SY1
HK-KwaiChung-AHK-BHong KongEquinix HK2
HK-ChaiWan-BHK-AHong KongMEGA-i
ap-northeast-1Tokyo-ATokyoEquinix TY4
ap-northeast-1Tokyo-BTokyoEquinix TY10
ap-southeast-3Malaysia-KualaLumpur-BKuala LumpurAIMS
ap-southeast-1Singapore-BSingaporeGlobal Switch Tai Seng
ap-southeast-1Singapore-ASingaporeEquinix SG3
Middle EastDubai-ADubaiEquinix DUB04
eu-west-1London-DLondonEquinix LD6
eu-west-1London-ALondonDRT Woking
us-west-1San Jose-ASilicon ValleyEquinix SV5
us-east-1Ashburn-AVirginiaEquinix DC11
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IBM Cloud logo
IBM Cloud location
Region CodeCountryCityData Centre
Sydney 3AustraliaSydneyNextDC S1
Sydney 5AustraliaSydneyEquinix SY4
Frankfurt 3GermanyFrankfurtEquinix FR6
Frankfurt 5GermanyFrankfurtInterXion FRA11
Hong Kong 1Hong KongHong KongMega-I (via Telstra) Mega-I (iAdvantage Hong Kong)
Osaka 1JapanOsakaEquinix OS1
Tokyo 1JapanTokyoEquinix TY2
Singapore 2SingaporeSingaporeEquinix SG1
London 1UKLondonEquinix (fTelecity) LD8
Chicago 1USAChicagoEquinix CH4
Dallas 3USADallasEquinix DA1
Miami 1USAMiamiEquinix (fTerremark/Verizon) NAP
San Jose 2USASan JoseEquinix SV1
Huawei cloud logo
Huawei Cloud location
Geograohical RegionRegion CodeCityData Centre
Asia PacificAP-Hong KongHong KongChina Telecom
Asia PacificAP-Hong KongHong KongChina Mobile
Asia PacificAP-SingaporeSingaporeEquinix
Asia PacificAP-SingaporeSingaporeGlobal Switch
South AfricaAF-JohannesburgJohannesburgTeraco



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