Optimise your business for the cloud by privately connecting to any of the world’s largest public cloud platforms through Console Connect.

As the public cloud becomes the host for an increasing number of mission-critical applications, network demands for security speed and agility are growing rapidly. Console Connect can help solve these problems with business-critical connections that are simple, secure and flexible.

Directly connect to major cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Expressroute, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud from any of our growing number of data centre locations in 50+ countries.

CityData CentreAWS regionAWS Code
Hong KongEquinix HK1Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)ap-east-1
Hong KongiAdvantage MEGA-iAsia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-1
JakartaDCI JK3Asia Pacific (Indonesia)AP-SOUTHEAST-3 ; COMING SOON
JakartaNTT 2 Data CenterAsia Pacific (Indonesia)AP-SOUTHEAST-3 ; COMING SOON
Kuala Lumpur Menara AIMSAsia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-1
OsakaEquinix OS1Asia Pacific (Tokyo)ap-northeast-1
SeoulKINXAsia Pacific (Seoul)ap-northeast-2
SingaporeEquinix SG2Asia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-1
SingaporeGlobal SwitchAsia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-1
SydneyEquinix SY3Asia Pacific (Sydney)ap-southeast-2
SydneyGlobal SwitchAsia Pacific (Sydney)AP-SOUTHEAST-2
TaipeiChief Telecom LYAsia Pacific (Tokyo)ap-northeast-1
TokyoAT TokyoAsia Pacific (Tokyo)ap-northeast-1
TokyoEquinix TY2Asia Pacific (Tokyo)ap-northeast-1
DubaiEquinix DX1Europe (Ireland)EU-WEST-1 ; COMING SOON
JohannesburgTeraco JB1Europe (Ireland)EU-WEST-1
FrankfurtEquinix FR5Europe (Frankfurt)eu-central-1
FrankfurtInterxion FRA6Europe (Frankfurt)eu-central-1
LondonDigital Realty (UK), DocklandsEurope (Ireland)eu-west-1
LondonTelehouse WestEurope (London)eu-west-2
MarseilleComing SoonEurope (Ireland)eu-west-1
ParisTelehouse VoltaireEurope (Paris)eu-west-3
ParisInterxion PAR7Europe (Paris)eu-west-3
ZurichInterxion ZUR1Europe (Frankfurt)EU-CENTRAL-1
AshburnEquinix DC2/DC11US East (N. Virginia)us-east-1
ChicagoEquinix CH2US East (Ohio)us-east-2
DallasEquinix DA2US East (N. Virginia)US-EAST-1
El SegundoEquinix LA3US West (N. California)us-west-1
Las VegasSwitch SUPERNAP 8US West (Oregon)us-west-1
Los AngelesCoreSite LA1US West (N. California)US-WEST-1
MiamiEquinix MI1US East (N. Virginia)us-east-1
Montreal Cologix MTL3Canada (Central)coming soon
Montreal Montréal eStruxtureCanada (Central)coming soon
RestonCoreSite VA1US East (N. Virginia)US-EAST-1
Rio de Janerio Equinix RJ2South America (Sao Paulo)coming soon
San JoseEquinix SV5US West (N. California)us-west-1
Sao Paulo Equinix SP4South America (Sao Paulo)coming soon
Sao Paulo TivitSouth America (Sao Paulo)coming soon
SeattleEquinix SE2US West (Oregon)us-west-2
TorontoAllied 250 Front St WCanada (Central)coming soon
VancouverCologix VAN2Canada (Central)coming soon
Cape Town Teraco CT1South Africa (Cape Town)South-Africa-1
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CityData CentreAzure local regionsAzure Location
Hong KongEquinix HK1East AsiaHong Kong
Hong KongMEGA-iEast AsiaHong Kong2
SingaporeEquinix SG1Southeast AsiaSingapore
SingaporeGlobal SwitchSoutheast AsiaSingapore2
LondonEquinix LD5UK SouthLondon
ChicagoEquinix CH1North Central USChicago
TokyoAteria Networks- ToranomonJapan EastTokyo
TokyoAT TOKYOJapan EastTokyo2
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CityData CentreLocationRegion Served
DubaiEquinix DX1 ; coming soondxb-zone1-1355europe-central2 (Poland)
FrankfurtEquinix Frankfurt West (FR4)fra-zone1-683europe-north1 (Finland)
FrankfurtEquinix Frankfurt West (FR4)fra-zone2-683europe-west1 (Belgium)
LondonGlobal Switch (London 2)lhr-zone2-47europe-west2 (UK)
LondonEquinix London Slough (LD5-LD6)lhr-zone1-832europe-west3 (Germany)
MarseilleInterxion Marseille (MRS1, MRS2)mrs-zone1-226europe-west4 (Netherlands)
MarseilleInterxion Marseille (MRS1, MRS2)mrs-zone2-226europe-west6 (Zurich)
MilanInfracom Milanmil-zone1-1974europe-west4 (Netherlands)
MilanInfracom Milanmil-zone2-1974europe-west6 (Zurich)
StockholmEquinix Stockholm Bromma (SK1)arn-zone1-156europe-west8 (Milan)
StockholmEquinix Stockholm Bromma (SK1)arn-zone2-156europe-west9 (Paris)
ZurichEquinix ZH2zrh-zone1-81europe-southwest1 (Madrid)
ZurichInterxion Zurich / Glattbruggzrh-zone2-83
SantiagoLevel(3) Santiagoscl-zone1-1779 southamerica-east1 (São Paulo)
SantiagoLevel(3) Santiagoscl-zone2-1779 us-east1 (South Carolina))
AshburnEquinix Ashburn (DC1-DC11)iad-zone1-1northamerica-northeast1 (Montréal)
AshburnEquinix Ashburn (DC1-DC11)iad-zone1-1northamerica-northeast1 (Montréal)
AshburnEquinix Ashburn (DC1-DC11)iad-zone2-1us-central1 (Iowa)
ChicagoEquinix Chicago (CH1/CH2/CH4)ord-zone1-7us-west1 (Oregon)
ChicagoEquinix Chicago (CH1/CH2/CH4)ord-zone2-7us-west2 (Los Angeles)
DallasEquinix Dallas (DA1)dfw-zone1-4us-west3 (Salt Lake City)
DallasEquinix Dallas (DA1)dfw-zone2-4us-west4 (Las Vegas)
TorontoComing soonnorthamerica-northeast2 (Toronto)
Los AngelesEquinix Los Angeles (LA1)lax-zone1-8
Los AngelesCoreSite - LA1 - One Wilshirelax-zone2-19
MiamiEquinix Miami (MI1)mia-zone1-15
MiamiEquinix Miami (MI1)mia-zone2-15
MontrealCologix MTL3yul-zone1-1944
MontrealCologix MTL3yul-zone2-1944
New YorkDigital Realty | Telx New York (111 8th Ave)lga-zone2-16
New YorkzColo New York - 60 Hudson Stlga-zone1-1422
San JoseEquinix San Jose (SV1/5)sjc-zone1-6
San JoseEquinix San Jose (SV1/5)sjc-zone2-6
SeattleEquinix Seattle (SE2/3)sea-zone1-86
SeattleEquinix Seattle (SE2/3)sea-zone2-86
Hong KongEquinix Hong Kong (HK2)hkg-zone2-1118asia-east1 (Taiwan)
Hong KongMEGA-i (iAdvantage Hong Kong)hkg-zone1-225asia-east2 (Hong Kong)
OsakaEquinix Osaka (OS1)kix-zone1-1791asia-northeast2 (Osaka)
OsakaEquinix Osaka (OS1)kix-zone2-1791asia-northeast3 (Seoul)
SingaporeGlobal Switch Singaporesin-zone1-388asia-southeast1 (Singapore)
SingaporeEquinix Singapore (SG3)sin-zone2-2260asia-southeast2 (Jakarta)
TaipeiChief LY Building Taipeitsa-zone1-456
TaipeiChief LY Building Taipeitsa-zone2-456
TokyoEquinix Tokyo (TY2)nrt-zone1-452
TokyoAT TOKYO CC2nrt-zone2-738
SeoulKINX Gasanicn-zone1-7674
SeoulKINX Gasanicn-zone2-7674
SydneyNEXTDC S1syd-zone1-1660australia-southeast1 (Sydney)
SydneyEquinix Sydney (SY3)syd-zone2-1605
BrisbaneNEXTDC B2bne-zone1-4688
BrisbaneNEXTDC B2bne-zone2-4688
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CityData CentreOracle Region
InterXion FRA2
LondonEquinix LD8London, UK
Telehouse East TFM-71/72
London, UK
SeoulKINX LGCNSSeoul, Korea
SingaporeEquinix SG1Singapore, Singapore
Equinix SY1
Sydney, Australia
TokyoAT Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan
Arteria Networks Toranomon
Tokyo, Japan
Teraco JB1
Johannesburg, S. Africa
Equinix DC1
Los Angeles
Los AngelesEquinix IBX LA1PHOENIX, AZ , USA
San JoseEquinix SV1SAN JOSE, CA , USA
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Tencent Cloud logo
CityData CentreTencent RegionTencent zone ID
Hong KongEquinix HK2Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan
(Hong Kong, China) ap-hongkong
Hong Kong Zone 1
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CityData CentreAlibaba regionAlibaba region ID
Hong KongEquinix HK2China (Hong Kong)cn-hongkong
Hong KongMEGA-iChina (Hong Kong)cn-hongkong
Kuala LumpurAIMSMalaysia (Kuala Lumpur)ap-southeast-3
TokyoEquinix TY4Japan (Tokyo)ap-northeast-1
TokyoEquinix TY10Japan (Tokyo)ap-northeast-1
SingaporeGlobal SwitchSingapore (Singapore)ap-southeast-1
SingaporeEquinix SG3Singapore (Singapore)ap-southeast-1
SydneyEquinix SY1Australia (Sydney)ap-southeast-2
SydneyGlobal SwitchAustralia (Sydney)ap-southeast-2
DubaiEquinix DX1 ; coming soonUAE (Dubai)ME-EAST-1
AshburnEquinix DC11US (Virginia)us-east-1
AshburnCoresite VA1US (Virginia)us-east-1
San JoseEquinix SV5US (Silicon Valley)us-west-1
FrankfurtComing SoonGermany (Frankfurt)eu-central-1
LondonEquinix LD6UK (London)eu-west-1
LondonDRT WokingUK (London)eu-west-1
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IBM Cloud logo
IBM Cloud location
CityData CentreIBM location code
Hong KongiAdvantage MEGA-iHong Kong 1
OsakaEquinix OS1Osaka 1
SingaporeEquinix SG1Singapore 2
SydneyNextDC SY1Sydney 3
SydneyEquinix SY4Sydney 5
TokyoEquinix TY2Tokyo 1
FrankfurtEquinix FRA6Frankfurt 3
FrankfurtInterXion FRA05Frankfurt 5
LondonEquinix LD8London 1
ChicagoEquinix CH4Chicago 1
DallasEquinix DA1Dallas 3
MiamiTerremark / Verizon NAPMiami 1
San JoseEquinix SV1San Jose 2
Huawei cloud logo
Huawei Cloud location
CityData CentreHuawei RegionHuawei Region code
Hong KongSha Tin-TelecomAP-Hong Kongap-southeast-1
Hong KongTseung Kwan O-China MobileAP-Hong Kongap-southeast-1
SingaporeEquinix SG3AP-Singaporeap-southeast-3
SingaporeGlobalo SwitchAP-Singaporeap-southeast-3
JohannesburgTeraco JB3AF-JohannesburgAF-SOUTH-1



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