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The Console Connect Academy offers comprehensive training courses on our leading Network-as-a-Service
(NaaS) platform, offering you expert advice and guidance on Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Our training content is specially designed to help you get the most from the Console Connect platform, including:

Learn new digital skills

Share insights on emerging technologies

Earn digital badges and certifications


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Our Fundamentals 100 Course is available for free via the Go.Learn app, which is downloadable on your smartphone or tablet.

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Console Connect Fundamentals 100

A comprehensive course on Console Connect, providing insights into how to
successfully setup and navigate the platform.


The learning plan includes videos, demonstrations,
knowledge check quiz questions and certification examination.

Course information

During the course you will learn how to order and
provision Console Connect in 3 different
networking scenarios:

-How to link your site to the public cloud tenancy
-How to link your two sites together via a point-to-point service
-How to link multiple sites together with CloudRouter

Course duration

1 hour

For a limited time only, you can enroll for FREE on this course using the code:


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Partner Sales Fundamentals

This course is specially designed for our partners, giving them a deeper understanding of how to identify sales prospects and opportunities with Console Connect.


The learning plan includes videos, battle cards,
use cases and discovery questions.

Course information

Learn the essential skills and knowledge you need to help your customers get started with Console Connect.

-Understand more about Console Connect products and services
-Discover the different ways your customers can use Console Connect
-Learn how to refer customers to PartnerConnectand place orders

Course duration

50 minutes


If you are interested in taking the course, please reach out to [email protected]

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