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Maximise the potential of your IBM Cloud instance with PCCW Global’s Console Connect. Get real time access to low-latency and secure direct connectivity from PCCW Global’s leading MPLS network, which spans more than 150 countries around the globe.

Fully automated, software defined connectivity to the IBM Cloud Platform

IBM Cloud offers both platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and is pushing hard in the data science space with its Watson platform. Whether your organisation has adopted a hybrid or multi-cloud approach, PCCW Global’s SDN-powered Console Connect platform can provide real time access to the IBM Cloud from enterprise locations around the world, as well as interconnect your IBM Cloud instance with your existing data centres and other clouds.

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Choose Console Connect for…

Reduced Complexity

Self-service portal with an intuitive UI. Manage your IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect access 24/7 from anywhere in the world

Greater Flexibility

No more long lead times and restrictive contracts. Connect from 1 day to 3 years and only pay for what you need. Dial your cloud connection bandwidth up and down as required to match your IBM Cloud workload

Improved Performance

Private connectivity to IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect that bypasses the public internet, providing a better user experience and improves efficiency and performance. Port capacities up to 10G are also available in select data centers


Truly automated, multi-cloud business connectivity platform that combines software and network architectures. Fast and secure direct connectivity to your IBM Cloud as and when you need it

API Enabled Network

Enables integration with your own or your partner’s existing ecosystems and infrastructures

Global Reach

Leverage PCCW Global’s leading MPLS network and a global ecosystem of SaaS providers, cloud providers and a community of network specialists

Visibility & Monitoring

Easily monitor your IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect performance. View bandwidth allocation and utilisation

Uptime of 99.999

Ensure your business critical applications stay running regardless of public internet performance

IBM Cloud Locations

The IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect locations listed below are the colocation facilities where the interconnects are provisioned.

CityData CenterIBM location code
Hong KongiAdvantage MEGA-iHong Kong 1
OsakaEquinix OS1Osaka 1
SingaporeEquinix SG1Singapore 2
SydneyNextDC SY1Sydney 3
SydneyEquinix SY4Sydney 5
TokyoEquinix TY2Tokyo 1
FrankfurtEquinix FRA6Frankfurt 3
FrankfurtInterXion FRA05Frankfurt 5
LondonEquinix LD8London 1
ChicagoEquinix CH4Chicago 1
DallasEquinix DA1Dallas 3
MiamiTerremark / Verizon NAPMiami 1
San JoseEquinix SV1San Jose 2

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