Connect to
IBM Cloud

Enhance the speed, reliability and performance of your connections to IBM Cloud with Console Connect.

We make connecting directly to IBM Cloud easy

Using the Console Connect Network-as-a-Service platform, it couldn’t be simpler for your business to directly connect to IBM products and services.

As a trusted IBM Cloud Direct Link partner, Console Connect offers extensive reach to IBM Cloud locations worldwide using our own high-performance global network.

Through a single management portal, you can build and scale your connectivity to IBM Cloud and all other major cloud platforms – in real-time and on-demand.

Your global IBM Cloud Direct Link partner

The following IBM Cloud locations are available on-demand via Console Connect – with new locations being added all the time.

Region Code (IBM Location Code)CountryCityData Centre
Sydney 3AustraliaSydneyNextDC S1
Sydney 5AustraliaSydneyEquinix SY4
Frankfurt 3GermanyFrankfurtEquinix FR6
Frankfurt 5GermanyFrankfurtInterXion FRA11
Hong Kong 1 (Coming soon)Hong KongHong KongMega-I (via Telstra) Mega-I (iAdvantage Hong Kong)
Osaka 1JapanOsakaEquinix OS1
Tokyo 1 (Coming soon)JapanTokyoEquinix TY2
Singapore 2 (Coming soon)SingaporeSingaporeEquinix SG1
London 1UKLondonEquinix (fTelecity) LD8
Chicago 1USAChicagoEquinix CH4
Dallas 3USADallasEquinix DA1
Miami 1USAMiamiEquinix (fTerremark/Verizon) NAP
San Jose 2USASan JoseEquinix SV1

The faster, smarter way to manage your connectivity to IBM Cloud

Easy setup

Console Connect does the heavy lifting with connecting your on-premises network to IBM Cloud.

Improve performance

Avoid the public internet and experience a more consistent and secure connection to IBM Cloud.

Simple to manage

See real-time pricing for connectivity to IBM Cloud and self-provision and manage your interconnection through our platform or via our API.


Access multiple IBM Cloud locations or connect seamlessly between different cloud providers.

Reduce network costs

Save money on egress charges and adjust bandwidth to meet the needs of your workload.

From device to cloud

Connect your devices directly to IBM Cloud to support remote working or IoT applications.

How it works