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Our high performance Tier 1 network and expertise in building fibre networks makes Console Connect the ideal managed network service partner for all your global connectivity requirements.

We have a wide selection of networking technologies and cost-effective solutions that can meet the demands of your global business.

Why choose
managed network
by Console

24/7 support from our experienced networking experts.

Comprehensive end-to-end SLAs.

A choice of scalable and customised networking technologies.

Connect your enterprise sites, clouds and data centres reliably and securely around the globe.

Managed network services by
Console Connect

Experience global virtual routing across one of the world’s largest high-performance networks.


A single, converged private network for all your communications applications.

Global Ethernet

Extend your LAN with Ethernet WAN connectivity up to 100Gbps in over 90 countries.

Global Internet Access

Our Tier 1 global network can meet the needs of your business with direct and high-performance internet connectivity.

Global Media Transport

We operate one of the most resilient and integrated global fibre and satellite TV networks, supporting ad-hoc and real-time media distribution.

Security solutions

Ensure your network and mission-critical data is protected at all times with our range of security solutions.

Managed Anti-DDoS Service

Our scrubbing centres – which are distributed all around the world – ensure protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Managed Firewall Service

Reduce time and complexity with firewall maintenance using our Managed Firewall Service.

Cloud Email Protection Service

A cloud-based solution designed to defend your business against email-borne attacks, and help minimise the risk of email.

Threat Intelligence

Complement your existing security measures and controls with our next-generation threat intelligence and machine-learning platform.

Managed Cloud WAF Service

Our Managed Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) Service helps detect, monitor and block malicious HTTP/HTTPS web requests.

Cloud Security Service

Give your users a secure internet gateway, enabling safe access to critical cloud applications wherever they are accessed.

Malware Protection Service

Our Malware Protection Service identifies zero-day malware in a non-intrusive way, without the need to deploy probes within the network.

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