Take complete control of your WAN with our
agile, application-aware networking solution.

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Improve efficiency and performance
with your enterprise WAN

As businesses migrate more of their workloads to the cloud, they need a more flexible, faster and secure way to manage their WAN network.

Transform your WAN into an application-aware, agile network that responds to the changing needs of your business using our fully managed Console Connect SD-WAN service.

Whether you are adapting to a cloud-first strategy, or simply looking for a more cost effective network solution, our flexible and cloud-optimised SD-WAN solution can accelerate your WAN transformation journey.

Provision branch offices faster with automated network deployment.

Optimise application performance over internet or hybrid connections with secure access to your cloud applications.

Simplify configuration and ongoing monitoring and management with online tools.

Why Console Connect SD-WAN?

Significant advantages for distributed organisations with critical branch operations, including agility, improved application performance and efficient use of bandwidth.

Optimised global network

Deploy internationally and benefit from our leading private MPLS and IP networks, covering 150+ countries and directly integrated to all major cloud providers.

Reduce cost

Combine our high-performance MPLS with cost-effective broadband internet to create a new software-defined model that simplifies network management and reduces cost. Replace silo and single-purpose firewall and router hardware with uCPE and NFV.

Agile and flexible

Leverage broadband internet connectivity to reduce unnecessary traffic on your MPLS network. Reduce service provisioning times and cost by combining multiple network functions in a single equipment with uCPE and NFV.

Prioritise mission-critical applications

Extend your network reach at the click of a button. Reach thousands of business and technology partners in 50+ countries worldwide.

Complete visibility and control

Monitor application and connectivity performance for your entire network in a single management portal.

Features of our SD-WAN

Professional project management with comprehensive end-to-end SLA and 24/7 support.

Application-aware Quality of Service (QoS).

Central management portal with application visibility.

A choice of connectivity options from Console Connect – or bring your own.

On-premise or cloud deployment.

SD-WAN traffic optimisation with dynamic error correction, packet loss remediation and jitter buffering.

What makes our network different?

Truly global reach

An SD-WAN solution that overlays across our own global MPLS and IP networks, spanning over 150 countries across every region in the world.

Enhance your cloud access

Optimised one-hop access to all major cloud providers on our global IP network (AS3491).

Fully managed service

A single point of contact for all service components, including hardware, software and connectivity management.

Network agnostic

Bring your own connectivity and migrate to our network at your own pace.

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