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Console Connect launches IoT Firewall Service to enhance IoT security

10th March 2022November 29th, 2023

Console Connect has announced today the launch of a new Console Connect IoT Firewall that gives Console Connect IoT users full control over their own security policies and rules for Console Connect IoT connections.

Console Connect IoT Firewall provides comprehensive and robust IoT security for businesses as they on-board devices onto their networks.

Using next-generation firewall capabilities, the solution detects suspicious or malicious events that can violate standard firewall policies. In addition, Console Connect IoT Firewall provides threat containment and blocking capabilities for compromised devices using subscription management or firewall policies.

The IoT Firewall will soon be available directly via the Console Connect management portal. Console Connect’s IoT offering is transforming how businesses experience and manage their global IoT connectivity, giving them real-time activation and deactivation, traffic usage monitoring, and customisable rules, all via a self-service portal.

The Console Connect IoT Firewall also provides the following features:

  • Support for updating security policies (initially manual, but soon available via using a self-service portal).
  • Security policies or rules based on whitelists, blacklists, source or destination IP addresses, ports, domain names, applications and protocols.
  • Configurable firewall policy and rules (initially manual, but soon available via using a self-service portal).
  • Application of security policies, which can be assigned to different device groups on the same Access Point Name (APN).
  • Ability to define and match customer device IP addresses using our IP Address Management system.

For further information, contact [email protected].