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Console Connect introduces SIM management to global IoT connectivity platform

18th November 2021November 29th, 2023

18, November 2021Console Connect by PCCW Global has today expanded its global IoT connectivity management platform by enabling businesses to order and manage their SIMs directly through Console Connect.

Businesses can now log-in to the Console Connect management portal and directly order, activate and manage their SIMs, giving them complete end-to-end control and visibility over their IoT assets worldwide.

The GSMA-compliant SIM accelerates global IoT deployment and extends network reach for businesses by providing instant coverage across 180 countries, leveraging PCCW Global’s Tier 1 high-performance network.

Console Connect IoT is transforming how businesses experience and manage their global IoT connectivity, giving them real-time activation and deactivation, traffic usage monitoring, and customisable rules, all via self-service portals.

The Console Connect IoT platform supports the needs of enterprises, as well as IoT device manufacturers, IoT solution providers, Systems Integration (SI) and Developers and network service resellers, across a range of industry verticals.

With Console Connect, businesses can self-provision direct and private connections to a global ecosystem of enterprise, carrier, cloud, SaaS, UCaaS, Security-as-a-Service, IX and other Network-as-a-Service partners.

Through a proven and reliable technology platform with full integration to the world’s leading cloud providers, businesses can manage both their global IoT connectivity and direct cloud connectivity. The platform provides direct and on-demand connections to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and more.

Craig Price, Senior Vice President of Mobility Products and Marketing, PCCW Global said, “The number of IoT devices globally is running into the billions, all of which continue to amass an immense volume of data that can only be processed in the cloud. By connecting IoT devices directly to the cloud through our Console Connect IoT platform and simply ordering SIMs online, businesses are empowered to unlock insights from their connected devices and manage their network more effectively.”

Due to their small size and technological benefits, cellular IoT SIMs are critically important for the development and deployment of IoT devices. The technology is expected to have a wide-ranging impact on a diverse number of industries from logistics, through to smart cars and cities – everything can be connected with cellular technology that requires coverage, mobility and security.