Connect sites, clouds, partners and customers globally. Global connectivity is simple with the easy-to-use Console Connect platform.

Flexible, on-demand global interconnection

We’ve reduced the complexity of network configuration with automated provisioning and routing so you can focus on your core business instead of managing the network.

Running critical applications in the cloud requires new levels of security, predictability, and performance from your network. It is also important to have the same level of agility in your network as you get from your cloud.

With Console Connect you can seamlessly connect you private infrastructure to public or private cloud with a network that provides privacy, reliability, and control.

Connect your data centers, sites and business partners. Get private access to all major public clouds including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent. Privately connect to apps and services such as video conferencing, unified communications and service desks.

Eight reasons leading enterprises work with Console Connect

Private, on-demand connectivity from Console Connect can transform your network. As enterprises expand their workloads beyond the corporate IT environment, they require fast, secure, reliable connections to connect their distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems.

Internet connections are inexpensive, but for many applications the performance and predictability is not good enough. Through our self-service portal or API you can now experience the significant benefits of software defined interconnection.

Connect in minutes, not weeks or months

Avoid lengthy provisioning times and long term contracts.

Reduce network and connectivity costs

Only pay for what you use. Flex on-demand.

Accelerate time to market

Spin up new services quickly across the globe and improve time to revenue.

Ensure optimal user experience

High quality uncontended, low-latency network backed with a stringent SLA.

Flexibility and control

Minimise security threats

Privately connect to your digital ecosystems, bypassing the public internet.

Simplify hybrid and multi-cloud deployment and management

Connect multiple clouds from a single port. Take advantage our extensive on-ramps to pre-integrated cloud partners.

Connect with a global digital ecosystem

Reach beyond cloud providers to connect to any other Console Connect customer or partner within our growing online community.

You are in complete control

All the tools you need to manage and monitor multiple secure direct connections. View bandwidth allocation and utilisation stats. Turn bandwidth up and down as you need.

Take a quick tour of the Console Connect web app

See how Console Connect makes creating, managing and monitoring your network easy.

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Network overview

Get connection information at a glance.

See where your bandwidth is allocated and how much is currently being utilized.

Easily create new connections

Select a company or service provider, set the source and destination points, and apply a rate limit. It’s that easy!

Coordinating with your destination company is easy too, with our in-built Messenger.

Monitor and analyze

View current utilization.

Observe historical utilization trends for up to the past 90 days.

Always stay informed

Threshold alerts let you know what is happening on your network at all times.

Custom thresholds can be set for critical connections or to help you troubleshoot specific issues.

Network Community

Create a profile that lets others know about your specializations and interests.

Collaborate with colleagues, share news and tips, and be reminded of industry events.

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Console Connect meets the demands of the high-stakes world of e-gaming

See how we enabled Hong Kong Tourism Board to scale bandwidth up and down, on demand. Learn how Console Connect meets the bandwidth and low-latency demands of VR and high resolution streaming. Discover how the benefits of our Software-Defined Network allowed them to attract the best talent and increase an ever growing audience.

Learn more about how we are helping businesses across the world

Connect to the cloud… fast!

As the public cloud becomes the host for an increasing number of mission critical applications, network demands for security speed and agility are growing rapidly. Console Connect can help solve these problems with business-critical connections that are simple, secure and flexible.

Directly connect to major cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud from any of our growing number of data centre locations in 50+ countries.

Mission Critical Cloud Cover

Download Mission Critical Cloud —
The Enterprise Guide to Hybrid Cloud Strategy

You’ll learn:

  • why the Enterprise IT landscape is rapidly changing,
  • how many businesses aren’t utilising Cloud-based connections to their best ability, and
  • the difference between Clouds and how Console Connect can help provide the most safe, simple and dependable connection for you.
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