Experience effortless peering with the world’s leading Internet Exchanges through Console Connect.

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Remote peering made easy

Remote peering is the most cost effective way to access an Internet Exchange – removing the need for costly infrastructure at an IX.

Console Connect makes remote peering easy by bringing together your end-to-end connectivity and peering on a single platform.


Connect directly and on-demand to one or more Internet Exchanges.


Setup is quick and simple.


Receive one invoice for both your connectivity and IX services.

Greater control

Manage and monitor your services in real time.

A global community of IX partners

Console Connect has partnered with many of the world’s biggest peering hubs, bringing you new peering opportunities within a global community of IX partners.

Why choose Console Connect?

Truly global reach

Connect directly and on-demand to over 20 internet exchanges from more than 900 centres worldwide.

More reliable

Dedicated Layer 2 connections to your internet exchange provider, delivered across our own high-performance global network. Backed by industry-leading SLAs.

Faster onboarding

Let us take care of all your IX memberships and on-boarding. Simply receive one invoice for both your connectivity and peering services.

An agile peering solution

Spin up services for as little as one hour.

Reduce Costs

Peering helps reduce costs, improve internet performance and speed for your end users.

Get more through a single Access Port

A range of on-demand connectivity services are available through your Access Port, connecting you directly to clouds, data centres, business partners and more.

IXP Live sites
LINX London
AMS-IX Amsterdam
DE-CIX Frankfurt & New York 
Data-IX Frankfurt 
NL-IX Amsterdam
EdgeIX Perth & Sydney 
BKNIX Bangkok
SGIX Singapore
JPIX Tokyo
NAPAfrica Johannesburg
France-IX Paris & Marseille 
HKIX Hong Kong
KINX Seoul
NYIIX New York & Los Angeles 

How remote peering can help you

Peering helps reduce costs, and can improve internet performance and speed for your end users.
Remote peering enables your business to enjoy all the benefits of peering,
but without having a physical presence at the local exchange point.

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) providers like Console Connect are a great option for
remote peering as they facilitate both the peering and end-to-end connectivity.

Here are some benefits of remote peering:

Network optimisation

Remote peering provides additional options for traffic routing during network congestion, incidents, or outages.

Content distribution

Connect to network providers quickly and effectively to provide content and digital media to users with faster speed and lower latency.

Application optimisation

By using peering arrangements, an app’s performance is enhanced and latency is decreased, improving end user experience.

Distributed data

Utilise remote peering connections to link and exchange internet traffic from edge-deployed resources.

How to get started

Order an Access Port
At your office location or data centre

Select Access Port speed
From 100Mbps through to 100Gbps

Pick your IXP location
Choose contract length and bandwidth

IX onboarding
We get you set up with IX membership and test your service

Your service is activated
Manage and monitor your connectivity and remote peering in real time

Get in touch to discuss your IXaaS needs