What does it mean to be visible on the Console Connect community?

People and Companies on the Console Connect platform are visible to all logged-in users – this includes Profiles, Articles and Posts of both individuals and companies.

Other than the Metro (city name) we will never expose specific details about your network, including port names, data center locations or your available and/or allocated bandwidth.

Network Admin members of verified Companies will be able to see the Metros in which you have ports (but not specific details, like data center or port names) as this information is necessary for making connections.

Can I hide either myself or my company on the Console Connect community?

Not at this time. This feature may be available in the future.

Will my personal data be protected and handled in accordance with the EU GDPR?

Yes. Further Information about the data we collect and the way we handle it is detailed in our Privacy Statement.

Is my or my company's information on Console Connect shared with or sold to any third party organisations?

Our use of your personal data may be necessary for the performance of a contract between us to provide the Services that you have requested. Further information can be found in our Privacy Statement.

Company verification

What is the company verification process and why does it exist?

The Company verification process exists because we take the integrity of our growing ecosystem very seriously.

When you create a Company on Console Connect, you are required to provide a copy of your Business Registration certificate to complete the creation of a Company Profile.

Once we have checked that your company is legitimate and that all Company members are in fact employees, your Company will receive ‘verified’ status.

Please get in touch if you have questions about your request.

Network security

How are my network connections secure?

All layer 2 and 3 interconnections (i.e. those accessed under the Connections tab of the Network screen) are provisioned over our global MPLS network, which provides logical separation of your company’s traffic, and guarantees that your data will never traverse the public internet. This includes all categories of interconnection; Clouds & XaaS, Carriers, IXPs, Datacenters, Enterprise and My Ports.

SD-WAN connections may traverse either our private MPLS network or the public internet (via an encrypted tunnel) as provisioned by the user.

Internet on-Demand connections are fully exposed to the public internet, and no additional protections are provided.

Can my encrypted traffic traverse the PCCW Global network without modification?

Yes, we provide a transparent end-to-end service and do not modify packet payloads.


Are you ISO 27001 certified?

Yes. We are ISO 27001 certified for the development and operation of the Console Connect Web Application and the Console Connect Application Programming Interface (API). Our certification is maintained by dedicated Information Security staff.

Information security

Do you have a dedicated Information Security team with defined roles and responsibilities?

Yes, we have a dedicated Information Security team responsible for establishing, implementing, and maintaining our information security management system in compliance with ISO 27001.

Do you have Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans that ensure the availability of services in the event of an incident?

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans are in place for critical systems and applications that both store customer information and support the delivery of services. Furthermore, BCP and DR plans are scheduled to be tested periodically, with results documented in test reports. BCP and DR plans are then updated on the basis of any corrective action(s) identified during testing.

How do you secure the data centres that store or carry customer data?

Areas housing critical systems and infrastructure are protected by a range of supporting physical and environmental security controls including CCTV, power density, redundancy, multi-layered access control systems, on-site building management, and fire detection and suppression.


How are API requests authenticated?

API requests are authenticated using a token generated by the login endpoint, as detailed in the API User Guide.

Do you have specific security requirements for API partners integrating with Console Connect?

Partners are required to agree to conditions defining the secure use of the Console Connect API as a part of a larger API Partner Agreement.


To report security issues, please send an email to [email protected].