Access Ports

Once your company is verified on Console Connect you can order ports from any of the listed data center locations.

How to: order a Data Centre Port

  1. Select Order a Port
  2. Select a Data Center & Port Speed
  3. Read outline of the Free plan, select Continue
  4. Acceptance of Master Services agreement & Submit
  5. Once Port is allocated: Console connect will prepare a Letter of Authorisation (LOA) for you and email it to you.
  6. You are required to send the LOA to the Data Center
  7. Console will poll to check your port status.
  8. When your port is active, you will receive confirmation via email and an alert within the console connect dashboard that your port is active.
  9. Get connecting!

NOTE: We may run promotions where we might send the LOA to your data center on your behalf.



Why can't I order a port?

Your company must be verified before ordering a port.

Data Centers

Please see our list of Console Connect enabled data center locations here.

What if my data center isn't listed?

If your data center isn’t listed, there is a good chance it is on our roadmap. Please get in touch to discuss!