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Direct and on-demand connections now available to Oracle’s new cloud region in Singapore  

10th November 2021November 29th, 2023

Console Connect is pleased to announce that direct and on-demand connections are now available to Oracle’s new cloud region in Singapore through our easy-to-use Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform.

Oracle yesterday announced the opening of its Oracle Cloud Singapore Region, which will support the growing demand for enterprise cloud services in South East Asia and expands Oracle’s reach to 33 cloud regions globally.

To celebrate the launch of Oracle’s new cloud region in Singapore, Console Connect is offering all users a 50% discount on direct, secure and uncontended layer 2 interconnections between any of the 17 Console Connect-enabled data centres located in Singapore and the new Oracle Cloud Singapore Region. Simply use the discount code ORACLESINGAPORE at checkout.

As an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect partner, Console Connect enables private  layer 2 connections between Oracle Cloud data centres and infrastructure on your premises or in a colocation environment. FastConnect connections avoid the public internet, offering greater reliability and security, faster speeds and lower latencies than typical internet connections.

Console Connect offers direct connections to Singapore and six other Oracle Cloud Regions located across Europe and Asia.

OCI helps customers move their existing complex, mission-critical workloads and data platforms to the cloud, allowing them to build new cloud native applications, as well as improve performance, security and cost.

Using a direct and private connection to Oracle Cloud through Console Connect, your business has access to higher bandwidth options and a more reliable and consistent networking experience. Learn more here.