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Console Connect collects Most Innovative Product or Service Award at AfricaCom 2020

12th November 2020November 29th, 2023

Console Connect by PCCW Global has today collected the Most Innovative Product or Service Award at AfricaCom 2020.

The award recognises a game-changing product or service that provides significant new opportunities for revenue growth or customer satisfaction.

Console Connect is the only Network as a Service (Naas) platform that offers extensive reach across Africa. The automated platform is providing local and international businesses in Africa with new levels of network speed, agility and security as they connect to more clouds and data centres.

Users of the platform can interconnect between data centres in a growing number of African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Uganda, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Djibouti.

“We are delighted that Console Connect has been recognised at this year’s AfricaCom Awards as the Most Innovative Product or Service,” said Neil Templeton, VP of Digital Innovation Marketing at PCCW Global. “As more businesses in Africa embrace digital transformation, our Software Defined Interconnection® technology can really help them accelerate their adoption of cloud-based services by improving access to local and international data centres.”

This week at virtual AfricaCom, Console Connect also launched the first Africa Interconnection Report. Produced in collaboration with consultancy firm Balancing Act, the report provides exclusive analysis of Africa’s cloud and data centre ecosystem.

Click here to download a copy.