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Out of Band Device Management

Neeco is an international ICT and IoT solution provider.

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Important corporate application and data often resides in public clouds, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, or in private clouds in public data centres. Enterprises use VPNs or leased lines to access these services from all over the world to perform their daily duties and tasks.

In order to further increase the availability of the VPN or leased line, an additional back-up line is often installed for resilience purposes. Despite its importance, such a resource can be considered expensive and wasteful as the overall usage will be relatively small.


PCCW Global is pleased to be chosen by Neeco to pre-install our IoT SIMs into its managed routers and provide secure international connections as a backup to main leased lines.


Neeco provides a high availability solution with Out-of-Band (OOB) device management. The IoT SIM can be used as automatic backup connection when the mainline is down. Pricing is only based on actual data usage and a self-service portal is available for the administrator to monitor traffic and cost.

With the IoT SIM, Neeco can additionally provide Out-of-Band (OOB) remote monitoring, diagnostic, data-logging, upgrading and trouble-shooting on the router and the mainline.


Furthermore, to address urgent customer deployment requirements, Console Connect IoT SIMs are pre-installed and routers pre-configured – so once the Neeco router has arrived on site, it will start functioning without the delay of waiting for the leased line to be installed.

We are honoured to partner with PCCW Global, a global leader in telecommunications, on this Console Connect IoT service that fulfils all our product requirements and enables us to provide a cost effective and superior customer experience to our customers. We now have full visibility of the device and the connection all the time. And now our customer service team can manage the SIM connection by themselves, which further enhances our ability to raise our SLA above the industry norms.

Ramon Planas

Territory Sales Director
Neeco Global ICT Service

IoT Ecosystem Partnership Programme

IoT projects are often complex and require multi-disciplined expertise to deliver a successful deployment. Engaging experienced partners to support in solution design, implementation and marketing helps ensure success. The Console Connect IoT Partner Programme is designed to pull resources and knowledge together from across the sector to address market need.

Joint Marketing

Support joint promotion of products and services including digital campaigns and participation at international events.

Zero Cost Proof of Concept

The programme includes 100 free SIM cards (100 Mb each for 100 days) for your demo, trial and PoC needs.

Cross Selling Opportunities

Resell or bundle our IoT solutions. We also provide the opportunity for selected partners to reach our global market through resale of their services.

Technical Support

Our network experts are ready to assist our partners with network designs and solutions that match the strictest budget, performance and security requirements of your customers.

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