Put your application at the heart of our online community and extend your network reach globally.


Easier, Faster and More Secure

Today’s SaaS providers are looking for an easier, faster and more secure way for customers to connect to their applications. Console Connect puts your SaaS product in the shop window of enterprises, carriers and service providers worldwide, while giving them the ability to connect on-demand to your application using a platform and underlying network that they trust.

Position your application at the heart of our growing online community, which enables users to privately connect to apps and services, such as video conferencing, unified communications, service desks and much more.

An easier way for you and your customers to connect

Extend your global IP backbone using Console Connect to meet the growing demands of your SaaS business.

Seamlessly interconnect your cloud-based infrastructure across the globe and manage those connections in real-time.

Enable the Console Connect community to instantly purchase and access your application at the click of a button.

Improve overall SaaS security by moving data between external environments using private, dedicated connections.

As more SaaS providers extend their product offering through third-party integrations, they need a more secure environment for accessing and transferring data. Console Connect delivers a more consistent and reliable way for connecting your SaaS environments by using private connections that avoid the public internet.

At the same time, Console Connect can help extend your partner reach globally and provide enterprise customers with instant and direct access to your application from across 50+ countries.

Benefits at a glance

On-demand, high-speed connections from your customer’s WAN directly to your application.
A more safe and secure way for customers to access your application through a private, dedicated network that bypasses the public internet.
Meets higher standard of network security and compliance needed for sensitive data.
Greater control and management for customers over their network connections to your application through our easy-to-use portal.

How we are already helping our SaaS partners

RingCentral logo


Support your global unified communications services with dedicated, on-demand connections worldwide:

“Console Connect provides customers with the ability to utilise private network connections for their business communications by adding additional control and management capabilities. At RingCentral we are focused on ensuring our customers have the capabilities they need for effective business communications,”

Amir Hameed, vice president, Global Solutions Engineering, RingCentral

Cloudflare logo

Security as a Service

By combining security services, such as DDoS protection and firewall, with our private dedicated network, we ensure your customers are always protected:

“By partnering with Console Connect, we are providing an additional path for our customers to access our services in the location of their choice using the method they prefer. Secure, private, reliable, and efficient software-defined network connectivity between Cloudflare’s edge and our customers is another way we are helping to build a better internet,”

John Graham-Cumming, Chief Technology Officer of Cloudflare

iotum logo

Cloud communications

Enhance the quality of audio, web, and video calls for your end customers through direct and fast connections to the cloud:

“With Console Connect we can easily add new PoPs anywhere where AWS is already present. Or even Microsoft Azure. If I want to add a PoP in Toronto and AWS is in Montreal, we might add an Azure PoP to Toronto. It doesn’t have to be just one provider and we don’t have to have a physical data centre to do it,”

Noam Tomczak, COO, Iotum

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