LINX Remote Peering Service Terms and Conditions

1 The Service

  1. PCCW   Global   will   provide   the   LINX   Remote   Peering   Service   (“ Service ”)   in   accordance   with   the  specifications   set   out   in   the   Console   Connect   IX   Remote   Peering    Application   Form   accepted   by   PCCW  Global and the terms set out in these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The   scope   of   the   Service   includes   the   provision   of   (i)   LINX   Products   and   Services   and   (ii)   Connectivity.


2 Customer Obligations

  1. The   Customer   warrants   that   the   Customer   shall   be   a   LINX   member   in   order   to   use   the   Service.   The  Customer   further   warrants   that   the   Customer   shall   abide   by   the   terms   and   conditions   laid   out   in   the  MoU   in   addition   to   the   requirements   set   out   in   the   LINX   Memorandum   and   Articles   of   Association,  and to continue to do so for as long as the Customer is a LINX member.
  2. The   Customer   warrants   that   the   Customer   meets,   and   will   continue   to   meet,   the   following  requirements:   (i)   the   Customer   is   a   recognised   legal   entity   or   incorporated   association,   (ii)   the  Customer   has   an   ASN   (Autonomous   System   Number)   assigned   by   one   of   the   Regional   Internet  Registries   (or   their   predecessors)   or   an   alternative   agreed   by   the   LINX   members,   (iii)   the   Customer  presents   to   LINX   an   Autonomous   System   that   is   visible   from   the   LINX   transit   router;   the   Customer  uses BGP-4 for peerings.
  3. The   Customer   shall   achieve   operational   peering   within   three   months   of   becoming   a   LINX   member  which   is   achieved    by   (i)   connecting   to   at   least   one   of   the   LINX   Peering   LANs,   (ii)   peering   with   the   LINX  collector   router,   and   (iii)   peering   with   at   least   one   existing   LINX   member   or   the   LINX   route   servers.  The   Customer   shall   aos   maintain   operational   peering   for   more   than   twenty-one   days   continuously  subsequent to the three months.
  4. The Customer shall appoint one or more people to be the Customer’s Corporate Representatives.  The Customer shall advise LINX of the identity of the Customer’s Corporate Representative(s) upon  request. The Customer agrees to be bound by any decision confirmed by the Customer’s Corporate  Representatives. Such decisions may include the appointment of further Corporate  Representatives and the removal of Corporate Representatives.
  5. The Customer shall maintain at least one member of operations personnel who understands the  MoU. They should be able to speak and understand spoken and written English, or have  immediate   access to in house  or  outsourced personnel  w ho a r e able to speak   and understand  spoken and written English to translate and communicate for them.
  6. The Customer will make sure that all contact information that is held by LINX to do with the  Customer’s membership is correct and kept up to date . The contact information will   include:
    (i) details  of  how to contact the Customer’s  operations staff twenty four hours a day   every  day  o f the year for the use of LINX staff and other   members,
    (ii) an email address for which requests for peering should be   sent,
    (iii) an email address for each of the Customer’s Corporate Representatives, which should be  personal to each representative, not to a group or role, and (if the Customer is an  individual) the Customer’s  email address f o r the purposes  o f receiving notices and  communications under the MoU, and

    (iv) the postal address specified in the Membership Agreement or Associate Membership  Agreement (as applicable) to which written notices under the  MoU  may be   sent.


  7. The Customer will confirm receipt of a peering request made to the email address specified in  2(f)(ii) above by any LI N X   Member  within two  working day s  o f the request. An auto responder is  considered acceptable.
  8. The   Customer   will   not   refer   the   Customer’s   customers,   or   any   agent   of   the   Customer’s  customers,   directly   to   LINX   support   staff   unless   specifically   sanctioned   by   a   member   of   LINX  staff by   email.
  9. The Customer will make sure that at least one member of the Customer’s staff is subscribed to the following mailing lists:


mailing list, which is intended to carry announcements of an urgent operational nature;


mailing list, which is intended to notify relevant and authorised personnel of any changes to the MoU in accordance with the relevant clause therein;


mailing list, which is intended to carry announcements relating to the administration and corporate matters of LINX.

j.The Customer undertakes that the Customer’s usage of LINX and its LINX Products and Services  will not be harmful to the LINX network and the LINX members at any time.. “Harmful” means  usage which, in the reasonable opinion of LINX Council, adversely affects other LINX members or  the entire exchange, and either:
(i) does not conform to the requirements stated in Appendix 1 of the MoU; or
(ii) causes undesirable load or traffic patterns.
k. The   Customer   shall   resp o nd   directly   to   a   c o mmunicati o n   by   email   by   the   representative   o f  another   LINX   member   and   which   relates   to   matters   contained   in   the   MoU,   if   requested   to   do   so  by LINX.
l. The   Customer   shall   comply   with   the   technical   requirements   as   set   out   in   Appendix   1   to   the   MoU.
m. The   Customer   shall   ensure   its   connection   to   the   LINX   peering   LANs   is   maintained   as   long   as   it  remains members of LINX.


3  Suspension and Termination

  1.  PCCW   Global   may,   in   its   sole   direction,   immediately   suspend   the   Service   to   the   Customer   or   terminate  the   relevant   Order   Form   or   the   Agreement   without   any   liability   whatsoever   in   any   of   the   following  events:
(i) if the Customer violates any Relevant Law or Regulation;
(ii) if the Customer is in material breach of the MoU and/or these Terms and Conditions or  the Customer has repeatedly breached the terms of the MoU and/or these Terms and  Conditions in such a way as to (in aggregate) constitute a material breach; or
(iii) if it is found out that the Customer is not a LINX member.
If   the   relevant   Order   Form   or   the   Agreement   is   terminated   by   PCCW   Global   pursuant   to   this   clause  before   the   Minmium   Contract   Period,   the   Customer   is   liable   to   PCCW   Global   for   liable   for   all   charges  payable   to   PCCW   Global   for   the   unexpired   months   of   the   Minimum   Contract   Period,   as   specified   in  the   relevant   Order   Form   (the   “ Cancellation   Charge ”) .   The   Parties   agree   that   the   Cancellation   Charge is   an   agreed   reasonable   pre-estimate   of   the   anticipated   losses   suffered   by   PCCW   Global   if   the  Service is terminated before the Minimum Contract Period ends.
b. Nothing   shall   prevent   PCCW   Global   to   terminate   these   Terms   and   Conditions   or   the   Agreement  without any liability if there is any suspension of the Service.
c. The   Customer   shall   indemnify   and   keep   PCCW   Global   fully   indemnified   for   any   and   all   losses   suffered  by   PCCW   Global   resulting   from   the   Customer’s   breach   of   (i)   any   Relevant   Law   or   Regulation   and/or  (ii) the MoU and/or these Terms and Conditions.
d. Notwithstanding   anything   to   the   contrary   in   the   Agreement,   the   Customer’s   liability   to   PCCW   Global  for   any   and   all   damages   arising   out   of   the   Customer’s   breach   of   the   Agreement,   the   MoU   and/or  these   Terms   and   Conditions,   regardless   of   the   cause   of   action,   shall   be   limited   to   direct,   proven  damages and shall not exceed one million pounds sterling.
e. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as limiting or restricting a Party’s liability  for death, or personal injury resulting from its negligence, breach of confidentiality, fraud, or the  obligation to indemnify the other Party hereunder.


4 Definitions

Capitalized   terms   used   herein   and   not   otherwise   defined   shall   have   the   meaning   set   forth   in   the  Agreement.


a. “Agreement”   means   the   master   services   agreement   and/or   other   general   terms   and   conditions  agreed   between   the   Customer   and   PCCW   Global,   including   the   Specific   Terms   and   Order   Form  relating to the Service.
b. “Customer”  means any person, firm or company to whom PCCW Global provides the Service.
c. “ Connectivity ” means the process of being connected via a VLAN to the Exchange.
d. “ Exchange ”   means   the   LINX   peering   LANs,   as   defined   in   the   MoU,   which   is   owned   and   operated   by  LINX.
e. “ LINX ”   means   the   London   Internet   Exchange   Limited,   a   company   incorporated   in   England   and   Wales  (registration   number   3137929)   whose   registered   office   is   at   Trinity   Court,   Trinity   Street,  Peterborough, PE11DA, UK.

f. “ LINX   Memorandum   and   Articles   of   Association” means the memorandum and articles of association for` LINX which is documented at


g. “ LINX   Products   and   Services ”   means   the   products   and   services   as   set   out   in   Schedule   A   together  with any other products and/or services from time to time offered by PCCW Global and/or LINX.
h. “ Minimum   Contract   Period   means   the   fixed   period   during   which   the   Customer   agrees   to   pay   for  the   Service   and   as   used   herein,   refers   to   both   the   initial   term   of   an   Order   Form   and   any   renewal  term of the same Order Form.

i. “ MoU” means the terms set out in the LINX Memorandum of Understanding, encompassing the LINX Memorandum and Articles of Association, which is availiable on

, as mended by LINX from time to time.

j. “ Regional   Internet   Registries”   means   the   bodies   appointed   by   the   Internet   Assigned   Numbers  Authority   to   be   responsible   for   the   allocation   of   Internet   Number   Resources   in   a   specific   geographic  region to their members.
k. “Regulations”   mean   any   legislation,   regulations   or   other   administrative   orders   governing   the  provision   of   telecommunications   services   applicable   in   the   jurisdiction   in   which   the   Service   is   being  provided.
l. “Relevant   Law”   means   any   ordinance,   law,   rule   or   regulation   applicable   in   and   outside   of   Hong   Kong  which are applicable to LINX, PCCW Global, the Customer in relation to the Service.
m. “VLAN ” shall mean a virtual LAN on a port that is connected to LINX.

Schedule A


LINX Products and Services


PCCW Global may provide up to the maximum of 100GE capacity per 100GE port, or 10GE capacity per  10GE port, or any individual VLAN amount of capacity from the following:
  • 100mb
  • 250mb
  • 500mb
  • 1GE
  • 2GE
  • 3GE
  • 4GE
  • 5GE
  • 10GE
  • 20GE
or multiples thereof.