Direct Connect to Microsoft Azure Expressroute

Instantly make direct connections to Microsoft Azure from 50+ countries using just one port and the Console Connect portal – and experience bandwidth on-demand.

By using a single port at the data centre, Console Connect by PCCW Global allows you to quickly build direct connections to Microsoft Azure with a couple of clicks.

Our easy-to-use portal removes the pain of connecting to a cloud or even a global network.

Provision high-speed, private international bandwidth on the same port. Pay by the day and experience network-as-a-service.

Download our step by step guide on how to connect to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

Agile Microsoft Azure Expressroute connectivity that matches the agility of the cloud

Global network


Establish a port – then create a direct connection to the Microsoft Azure cloud or any other Console Connect data centre in minutes, and take it down just as quickly.

Security padlock


Backed by PCCW Global’s international MPLS network, delivering significant economies of scale, high speed performance and flexibility.


Pay only for what you use – cloud servers don’t sign you up for 12 month contracts so neither should we. Billing periods as short as a day and payable by credit card.

Why connect via Console Connect?

Connect from your port to Microsoft Azure in just a few minutes.

Avoid the Egress charges that result from using the public internet.

Avoid the jitter and latency and variable Egress fees that plague internet connections to the public cloud.

Discover a global marketplace of businesses and SaaS providers that you can directly interconnect with.

Using the same port, connect from data centre to data centre over a network that is both resilient and uncontended.

Global reach to cloud providers. One port gets you directly to Microsoft Azure instances worldwide without use of the public internet.

Enable a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy without recourse to multiple ports on your equipment or multiple expensive cross-connects in data centres.

Ready to get started?

It’s free to register on Console Connect. Get instant access to the community. Register your company to order ports and connections.


Guide to pricing

Once you have an access port in a Console Connect enabled data center, it is easy to connect to Microsoft Azure. Choose how much bandwidth you need, and how long you need it, from 1 day to 3 years. Connections are priced based on the source and destination port locations:

  • Metro pricing: where the source port and destination are within the same city
  • Zone pricing: where the source port and destination are within the same zone
  • Global pricing: where the source port and destination are in different zones
London to Frankfurt from $97 per month, for 12 months, for 100Mb Connection.
Pricing example showing Lonton to Ashburn and London to Frankfurt on a map
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Download our Enterprise Guide to Hybrid Cloud Strategy


  • Why the Enterprise IT landscape is rapidly changing,
  • How many businesses aren’t utilising Cloud-based connections to their best ability, and
  • The difference between Clouds and how Console Connect can help provide the most safe, simple and dependable connection for you.
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Microsoft Azure Direct Connect Locations

The Microsoft Azure Direct Connect locations listed below are the colocation facilities where interconnects are provisioned.

RegionCountryCityData Centre
Australia EastAustraliaSydneyEquinix SY2
Australia EastAustraliaSydney2NextDC S1
East AsiaChinaHong KongEquinix HK1
East AsiaChinaHong Kong2MEGA-i
Germany West CentralGermanyFrankfurtInterxion FRA11
North EuropeIrelandDublinEquinix DB3
Japan EastJapanTokyo2AT TOKYO
West EuropeNetherlandAmsterdam2Interxion AMS8
Southeast AsiaSingaporeSingaporeEquinix SG1
Southeast AsiaSingaporeSingapore2Global Switch Tai Seng
South Africa NorthSouth AfricaJohannesburgTeraco JB1
UK SouthUKLondonEquinix LD5
North Central USUSAChicagoEquinix CH1

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