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Console Connect Unveils New Peering Opportunities For 2024

8th February 2024February 12th, 2024

Remote peering has never been easier with Console Connect. 

We’ve made strides over the past year to expand global reach to even more of the world’s largest Internet Exchanges and deliver enhanced connectivity, in addition to streamlining end-to-end connectivity and peering services on a single platform.

Now, businesses can access over 20 Internet Exchanges worldwide on-demand with the use of our own high-performance network.

Here is a look at how we have expanded our IX ecosystem in the past several months.


Providing faster and better internet performance in Hong Kong for nearly three decades, HKIX is an existing Console Connect partner in Hong Kong that is upgrading to multiple 100G ports due to overwhelming demand. Just this year, Console Connect rolled out 100G ports at select locations worldwide, including Hong Kong. With more than 350 partners and over 2.85Tbps in peak traffic, HKIX is widely considered one of the largest IX points in the APAC region. 

Established in 1995, the primary goal of HKIX is to interconnect networks within Hong Kong to exchange intra-Hong Kong traffic without routing overseas, but it also enables the exchange of international traffic among the networks in Hong Kong and networks in other countries. With a core site located at Chinese University with a dual-core to allow for more port connections, HKIX also has four satellite sites to support peak performance.

Other household names with 100G speed through HKIX include Amazon, CloudFlare, eBay, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and Zoom, among other members.


More and more Japanese businesses are shifting operations to the cloud, creating greater demand for enhanced connectivity and the low-latency benefits of peering. Console Connect has responded by introducing multiple 10G ports at JPNAP and JPIX. 

Established September 1997, JPNAP operates five interconnection networks in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sendai, and Sapporo as a traffic exchange platform for various companies, with peak demand of more than 6.6Tbps

JPIX consists of eight sites in metropolitan Tokyo, five in Osaka, one in Nagoya, one in Fukuoka and one in Okinawa. It has more than 250 partners including major ISPs, CATVs and CSPs. Established as the first commercial Internet Exchange in Japan in 1997, JPIX sees peak traffic of 2.6Tbps in Tokyo and over 900Gbps in Osaka

Click here to see a list of JPNAP members. 

Click here to see a list of JPIX members. 

DE-CIX Singapore

In keeping with our commitment to expanding connectivity in Singapore, where we rolled out 100G ports earlier this year, we have expanded our IXaaS product reach in Asia by setting up shop at DE-CIX in Singapore. 

Featuring more than 20 subsea cables, Singapore is a vital centre of interconnection in Southeast Asia, and is one of the largest global markets for international internet capacity behind Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris. 

The DE-CIX Singapore hub offers access to 77 connected networks in Southeast Asia and has peak traffic off 75Gbps

Major international network, content, and cloud providers are investing in infrastructure throughout Southeast Asia because of the need for high-quality, low-latency interconnection. DE-CIX Singapore has established a neutral and distributed interconnection ecosystem to fulfill these needs in the region.

Click here to see a list of DE-CIX Singapore members. 


AMS-IX’s recent move into Nigeria is generating a buzz. Its expansion into the West African nation promises better connectivity and opportunities that aim to keep traffic local. 

Upon the announcement of AMS-IX’s African expansion in April 2023, AMS-IX’s CEO Peter van Burgel said: “We intend to add value to the local carriers and IXs by attracting even more content players to the region and support the local connectivity community. This is a very exciting project for us as we see it as an important stepping stone for bringing low-latency affordable Internet available for the West-African region.”

Featuring 851 route server peers, 873 total connected ASNS, 1,498 customer ports and 802 IVP6 peers, AMS-IX sees peak traffic in excess of 11.8Tbps. It was established in 1994 when the first layer-2 shared infrastructure was formed between academic organizations to exchange traffic in the Amsterdam Science Park.

Click here to see a list of AMS-IX members. 

More to Come

We look forward to continuing to build upon our global ecosystem of IX partners in 2024. Console Connect has exciting partners that will be added throughout the year who are poised to make a significant impact on the IXaaS ecosystem and customer experience. 

If you’d like to find out more about our remote peering solution, contact [email protected]