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Console Connect Honoured With Two MEF Excellence Awards

4th October 2023October 6th, 2023

Console Connect was pleased to receive two awards at last night’s 2023 MEF Excellence Awards, recognising its efforts in the areas of automation and connectivity.

Console Connect was named LSO Connectivity Exchange of the Year and Best Services Ecosystem Automation.

The Best Services Ecosystem Automation Award recognises our ongoing efforts with implementing automation into our digital services ecosystem. The Console Connect platform leverages APIs to interconnect ecosystem partners worldwide, including cloud, SaaS, security and data centre providers.

The LSO Connectivity Exchange of the Year Award recognises the LSO connectivity exchange supporting the largest number of companies transacting via MEF LSO business APIs.

Console Connect’s Edge Port solution, which was launched in April, uses MEF LSO Sonata APIs to automate the pre-order and order processes for last-mile services. In the backend, the Console Connect platform is tightly integrated with APIs, enabling quoting and ordering with vendors worldwide and enabling customers to see real-time pricing for last-mile services to their enterprise building.

The awards ceremony is part of the Global NaaS Event by MEF taking part in Dallas, Texas this week. The event brings together the global community committed to providing advanced communications solutions optimized for the digital economy, and featured presentations from our CEO Marc Halbfinger and CTO Paul Gampe.