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SoftwareOne Joins Console Connect’s PartnerConnect Programme To Enhance Access To The Cloud For Customers In Asia Pacific

17th April 2023November 29th, 2023

Console Connect, a leading global Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, is pleased to announce that SoftwareOne Limited has joined its PartnerConnect programme, helping SoftwareOne customers in Asia Pacific improve their access to cloud services globally.


As digital transformation and cloud adoption accelerates globally, Console Connect provides SoftwareOne’s customers in Asia Pacific with a more flexible, secure and efficient way to connect to major cloud providers across the world.


SoftwareOne helps businesses in Hong Kong and the wider Asia Pacific region identify the right software, services and cloud platforms to optimise their business and effectively compete, scale and innovate.


Through Console Connect’s PartnerConnect programme, SoftwareOne will introduce its customers to the benefits of network automation, enabling them to manage their connectivity to clouds and critical digital infrastructure in real-time and on-demand. Using the global Console Connect NaaS platform, SoftwareOne customers can click and connect to clouds using a high-performance global network, which delivers greater levels of speed, security and performance for mission-critical workloads and applications.


Console Connect provides direct and on-demand access to all the world’s largest cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and more. This enhanced cloud connectivity offering will support SoftwareOne customers on their digital transformation journey, and further position SoftwareOne as a one stop solution provider.


Michael Glynn, SVP, Digital Automated Innovation, Console Connect, said, “We are excited to begin this collaboration with SoftwareOne to help more local businesses in Asia Pacific access the Console Connect NaaS platform and turbocharge their journey to the cloud. Cloud connectivity is an important consideration for today’s businesses, and Console Connect makes it easier from them to setup and manage direct cloud connect services with leading hyperscale cloud providers.”


Patrick Lam, General Manager, SoftwareOne Hong Kong, said, “The move to the cloud presents new connectivity challenges for businesses. Console Connect provides a more flexible and faster way for our customers to directly connect with cloud providers worldwide using a familiar cloud-like consumption-based model. We look forward to growing our collaboration with Console Connect.”


Through a single Access Port at their data centre or office location, businesses can access a range of on-demand services, including Layer 2 and 3 interconnections between a global footprint of over 900 data centres, remote peering at some of the world’s largest Internet Exchanges and premium business Internet services that leverage an IP network ranked in the top 10 globally.