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Console Connect introduces self-service burstable features to on-demand premium internet service

9th March 2023November 29th, 2023

Console Connect has today added a new burstable feature to its self-service, on-demand premium internet access service, which is available in over 500 data centres across more than 25 countries.


Console Connect users can now pay for their internet access service on a PAYG basis or sign-up for monthly burstable billing, which measures bandwidth based on peak use.


Burstable billing caters to service providers and large enterprises that experience fluctuations in network traffic – giving them the flexibility to exceed a specified threshold for brief periods of time without the financial penalty of purchasing a higher committed data rate (CDR).


Billing is initially available with a 95th Percentile calculation. Based on this model, the top 5% of peak traffic is not taken into account in a customer’s monthly bill.


Businesses can price, self-provision and manage their premium Internet On-Demand service via the Console Connect management portal, along with all their other Console Connect services or via API.


Console Connect’s Premium Internet-On Demand service provides automated access to one of the world’s leading IP networks (AS3491), enabling businesses to dynamically adjust bandwidth to meet the needs of their workforce all in real-time.

Through the Console Connect platform users can:


  • See instant pricing for premium IP transit in over 25 countries.
  • Provision private or public ASN or static dynamic routing.
  • Purchase IPv4, IPv6 or mix blocks on-demand.
  • Enable AS3491 default full IPv4 Tier 1 routers.
  • Enable dedicated or burstable VLAN bandwidth capacity on-demand.
  • Bundle Internet On-Demand with Console Connect DDoS protection or Managed Firewall.


Our fully resilient single AS network (AS3491) is rankled in the top 10 globally for IP peering and offers low-latency routing and quality IP peering connections.


The network peers with hyperscale cloud providers worldwide for enterprises to get low latency access to cloud-based services.