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Remotely peer with the Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange on-demand via Console Connect

8th December 2022November 29th, 2023

Console Connect is pleased to welcome the Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange (BKNIX) to the Console Connect ecosystem.

Through the Console Connect platform, users can now provision and pay for both their virtual Layer 2 connections and IX membership at BKNIX.

The service leverages our own high-performance network to enable secure, fast and reliable peering at Thailand’s first neutral Internet Exchange Point (IXP).

BKNIX is designed to enhance the internet experience of local and international businesses, helping reduce latency and transit cost for local traffic across South East Asia.

Some interesting stats about our latest IX partner:

  • 50 connected networks
  • 136.93Gb/s of peak traffic
  • BKNIX has locations in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Earlier this year, BKNIX announced a strategic partnership with Console Connect’s IX partner LINX. You can now connect to both IXPs via Console Connect from over 900 data centres worldwide.

Console Connect users can reach multiple peering locations worldwide through a single Access Port. View our full IX partner ecosystem here.