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Console Connect collaborates with NL-ix for high-performance remote peering

19th May 2022November 29th, 2023

Console Connect has teamed up with NL-ix to make it easier and faster for businesses to provision and pay for their remote peering services at NL-ix.

Console Connect users can now log-in to the platform and create virtual connections to NL-ix across Europe delivered via our own high-performance network. Through a single management portal, Console Connect users can pay for both their virtual connections and IX membership at NL-ix.

Through Console Connect’s IX-as-a-Service, businesses can interconnect directly to NL-ix using a dedicated, uncontended Layer 2 connection that delivers faster network speeds, greater security and lower latency. Users can instantly flex bandwidth on-demand and only pay for the connectivity they use.

Established in 2001, NLix is one of Europe’s most experienced internet exchanges, with a full portfolio of peering, cloud connectivity, data centre interconnection solutions as well as enterprise interconnection services all available on one port.

NLix has 616 member networks and operates a distributed Internet Exchanges seamlessly interconnecting the most important European metropolitan areas: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, and Marseille

Some key stats about our partner NL-ix:

Key stats about our partner NL-ix:
● 620 connected networks
● 5.33 Tbit/s of peak capacity
● 27.8 Tbit/s of connected capacity
● Present in 102 data centres in 5 countries

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