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Direct and on-demand connectivity available from Console Connect to Telin Hong Kong

By 4th November 2020No Comments

Console Connect users can now make direct and on-demand connections to Telin Hong Kong’s Neutral Cloud & Internet Exchange (neuCentrIX).

Telin opened its first state-of-the-art commercial data centre in Hong Kong in 2018. Known as Neutral Cloud & Internet Exchange (neuCentrIX), the facility is located at iTech Tower II, which provides approximately 9320 square feet of colocation space and accommodates 400 racks.

The facility provides colocation and hosting services to small and big enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. Customers located at Telin Hong Kong’s neuCentrIX can use Console Connect to make fast and flexible network connections to more than 350 data centres worldwide, including direct access to 30 other data centres in Hong Kong.

The platform also enables them to connect directly to all major clouds, including Alibaba, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud and others, as well as SaaS, IXs and other businesses partners around the world.