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EdgeConneX is now part of the Console Connect ecosystem

13th October 2020November 29th, 2023

Console Connect is pleased to welcome EdgeConneX to our partner ecosystem. EdgeConneX customers can now directly interconnect to the Console Connect platform from EdgeConneX data centres in Munich and Amsterdam, giving them instant access to our global ecosystem of cloud, SaaS, IX, data centre and carrier partners.

EdgeConneX pioneered the ‘Edge Data Centre’ concept, building data centres in markets where its customers needed more local proximity, power, capacity and connectivity. Today it operates more than 40 data centres in over 30 markets across 3 continents, serving its global customers’ content, applications, cloud services and data requirements.

EdgeConneX customers can interconnect to the Console Connect platform at AMS01; a 2,846m2 colocation facility located within 24km from downtown Amsterdam and 9km from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, as well as at the Munich Edge Data Centre®, which is located close to Central Munich in a historic peering and content facility that has been redeveloped to a carrier neutral specification.

Once interconnected to the platform, EdgeConneX customers can begin self-provisioning private and direct layer 2 connections to over 350 data centres worldwide. Console Connect also enables instant access to leading clouds, including Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and more.