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Console Connect is the winner of the 2019 Global Carrier Awards by Capacity Media

31st October 2019November 29th, 2023
Console Connect wins Capacity Media

PCCW Global’s Software-Defined Interconnection® platform, Console Connect, won the “Best Network Technology Innovation” 2019 Global Carrier Awards by Capacity Media.

Console Connect was developed in response to the need on the part of enterprises operating internationally for agile and secure connectivity that can be provisioned on-demand by the user. The platform incorporates network automation software that manages the PCCW Global private MPLS network, allowing users with minimal technical ability to quickly spin up virtual private Layer 2 and Layer 3 connections, bypass the unpredictable public Internet and directly connect to their cloud applications, partners and business locations. This new level of speed and agility can be achieved via a simple, easy-to-use web portal in a couple of clicks, or can be integrated directly into enterprise applications via an API.

Mr. Marc Halbfinger, Chief Executive Officer, PCCW Global, said, “We are very proud that our teams who have worked so hard to develop cutting edge and innovative solutions have now been honoured with this prestigious industry award. It’s a testimony to the hard work and effort everyone has put in over the past months to deliver these world-class services and solutions on a global scale.”