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What Makes Console Connect SDN Platform the Leader In On-Demand Asian Connectivity?

7th June 2019November 29th, 2023

Asia is a hub of global connectivity, supporting some of the world’s largest economies as they transition to digital platforms and increase their demand for the power of cloud computing.

The Console Connect software-defined interconnection platform spans the entire Asian region, enabling service providers, data center ecosystems and enterprise customers to instantly access self-provisioned, on-demand connectivity between countries and key cloud providers on the network.

Console Connect customers in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines can simply order direct access to the region’s major cloud on-ramps in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, from 25 key regional data centers in Asia today.


Console Connect direct cloud connections – Asia

Cloud Service Provider Hong Kong Singapore Tokyo
AWS Direct Connect checkmark checkmark checkmark
IBM Cloud checkmark checkmark checkmark
Google Interconnect checkmark checkmark
Alibaba Cloud checkmark checkmark
Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute checkmark
Tencent Cloud checkmark
QingCloud checkmark


Unlike many of its SDN competitors, who have to lease bandwidth from network operators, Console Connect runs on the worldwide PCCW Global MPLS network. This high-quality, uncontended, redundant core network with multiple diverse paths between countries gives Console Connect customers the agility and control of SDN with the security and service resilience of dedicated infrastructure.


Example rates for L2 connections from Singapore


Customers now can purchase a 1G or 10G access port into the Console Connect SDN platform from multiple locations throughout the region. Once connected, it only takes a few seconds to set up, change or upgrade their own virtual circuit across the Console Connect network to any connected user or service – for a day, a week, a month, or a year – and only pay for what’s used, with no lock-in contract.

Service providers and enterprises around the globe can order services directly into all Asian regions on the one SDN platform, with no more restrictions by geography or the technical difficulty of connecting securely to multiple networks. It’s simple and easy for partners or customers using Console Connect to self-manage cost-effective, reliable and flexible connectivity throughout the Asia, and satisfy more of their customers’ business needs.


Carriers hop across the Pacific

Carriers now can integrate Console Connect using an API NNI or traditional NNI Interconnect between their network and Console Connect.

Sample L2 interconnection pricing from Singapore

With the ability to provision secure virtual circuits directly across the global platform or directly into multiple global cloud providers on the network, Console Connect represents amazing new opportunities for carriers to boost their customers’ capabilities with cloud, without incurring massive bandwidth costs or the headaches of the general internet.

In today’s cloud-first world, Console Connect has quickly emerged as the wholesale partner of choice for the world’s regional networks, and made global connectivity between data centers and regional clouds easier than ever to provision and control.

Take a tour of Console Connect today, and experience Asia’s largest and most dynamic SDN.