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BGP Transit

Robust connectivity at your fingertips

Our unrivalled partner network of Internet Exchanges and upstream providers, combined with our extensive global high-speed fiber optical network, makes our IP Transit offering fast and resilient with maximum redundancy. Ideal for mission-critical applications requiring low latency network to service end-users.

Console Connect’s Transit is ideal for gaming, web hosting and content networks, VoIP, media or streaming companies. Available as IP Transit over Console’s network, or as our very cost effective Partial Transit service.

Unrivaled partner network for low latency, robust connectivity with Full Transit

Console Connect’s Transit is a cost effective, robust and redundant IP Transit service, delivered over Console’s core high-performance global network. Access a diverse range of direct connections to Tier 1 upstream providers and ISPs, as well as over 265,000 peering routes, available from the world’s most popular Internet Exchanges, such as: LINX, AMS-IX, DE-CIX, France-IX, Equinix Paris, Netnod, SIX, NYIIX and MIX, to name a few. With our unrivalled partner network, customers constantly benefit from our long-standing, diverse and valuable partnerships meaning we’re able to ensure the fastest and most reliable connections for our customers.

Access over 265,000 peering routes with Partial Transit

Add diversity to your network by accessing all of Console’s peering routes at the world’s most popular Internet Exchanges.

Console’s Partial Transit service provides a cost effective alternative to peering either directly or remotely at multiple Internet Exchanges; offering you access to larger networks regardless of your own network size. Whether as a standalone service or as an addition to your current Transit mix, our Partial Transit service is the ideal solution for connecting with networks that are important for you and the growth of your own network.

Console connects over its low latency network to some of the most important and well-connected Internet Exchanges in the world. Customers who take Partial Transit feeds from Console have access to over 265,000 routes, available over popular Internet Exchanges, such as: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, Equinix Paris, France-IX, LINX, MIX, Netnod, NYIIX and SIX to name a few.

Features and Benefits

  • GE and 10GE ports
  • Flexible and scalable CDR speeds from 100Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Fully burstable
  • Full SLA assurance
  • Single point of contact for legal, billing and technical
  • 24/7 NOC for monitoring and support

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