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Connect to Telx with Console Connect

The Telx Internet Exchange (TIE) allows ISPs, Content and Gaming Providers, Enterprises and others to quickly and easily exchange IP traffic. The Telx Internet Exchange is a neutral, privately-owned and managed Internet Exchange Point or “IXP”.

IXPs facilitate members of the exchange to establish peering relationships with other members across a common switching platform. Once peering relationships have been established members may share traffic on without incurring additional IP transit charges, providing a cost effective way to move data between networks

TIE participants can route IP traffic efficiently providing faster, more reliable and lower-latency internet or VoIP access to their customers. By connecting to TIE customers are able to reduce operational costs, improve network performance, and add another layer of network resilience. In addition, Telx offers members not only a world class exchange platform, but also a forum to discuss new ideas and planning for a better Internet.

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