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LONAP is a neutral not-for-profit Internet Exchange Point based in London which has facilitated traffic interchange (“peering”) between its members since 1997. It operates a network of interconnected Extreme X series switches at core sites connected to each other through diverse 10 Gbps fiber rings.

LONAP aim to provide a professionally run, uncongested peering fabric which helps lower interconnection costs between service providers and other network operators who connect to the Exchange.

LONAP operates in five sites in the London Docklands and City areas:

  • Telehouse Docklands, North
  • Telehouse Docklands, East
  • Telecity Sovereign House
  • Telecity Harbour Exchange, Building 6-7
  • Interxion London City

LONAP operates multiple VLANs including IPv4 & 6 Unicast, and IPv4 Multicast, and also provides members with private VLANs between each other if required.

In addition to these sites, you can connect to LONAP from anywhere on Console Network Solutions’ global Layer 2 network.

LONAP is also a member of Euro-IX.

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