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SummitIG to Provide Dark Fiber Direct Access to Console’s Software and Interconnection Platform

Dark Fiber Provides Easy Onboarding and Maximum Performance, Scalability and Security for Critical Applications

Dulles, VA – SummitIG, a custom network solutions and bandwidth infrastructure provider, announced today that the company has joined the Console NSP Partner Program to provide customers access to Console, the enterprise software and interconnection platform that is changing the way businesses directly connect to their customers, vendors, and partners. SummitIG’s metro dark fiber solutions empower business customers with easy onboarding to the platform ensuring maximum performance, scalability and security for their critical applications.

The Console NSP Partner Program enables network service providers (NSPs) to offer customers direct access to Console for network-to-network and enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration globally. Upon establishing a network to network interface (NNI) with a Console Node in one or more multiple global regions, the NSP Partner is able to offer customers direct access to Console with secure capacity ranging from 10Mbps to 100Gbps that bypass the public Internet. The partner program also provides NSP partners marketing resources to highlight their direct access offering with Console.

The Console software and interconnection platform provides a secure, simple, and faster way for companies across the globe to directly connect to business-critical cloud providers, SaaS providers, and partners. Console’s network automation technology provides customers direct access to a global ecosystem without the configuration complexity.

“Enterprises are hungry for greater control, visibility and flexibility of their core infrastructure and cloud platforms. SummitIG’s robust dark fiber network throughout Northern Virginia and the region is an ideal interconnection fabric to meet these demands,” states Sunny Kumar, Chief Commercial Officer at SummitIG. “Utilizing our dark fiber infrastructure, Console customers will achieve maximum performance and complete security for their business applications on the platform.”

“We are delighted to welcome SummitIG to the Console NSP Partner Program,” says Al Burgio, CEO, Console. “SummitIG’s dedicated dark fiber network in the Northern Virginia area will enable businesses to access the Console platform and directly connect to leading Cloud and SaaS providers across the global to improve network security and performance.”

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About SummitIG
Dulles, Virginia-based SummitIG, LLC, provides custom network solutions and bandwidth infrastructure services using its dense and unique fiber-optic network located throughout key markets in Virginia. The company specializes in dark fiber connectivity for data center, carrier, and enterprise customers, giving them strategic alternatives, unique routes, and greater flexibility to control their own networks. For more information about SummitIG, please visit www.summitig.com.

About Console Inc.
Console Inc., an IIX company, was founded to change the way enterprises connect to their customers, vendors, and partners. Console’s enterprise software and interconnection platform enables both network-to-network and enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration globally. The Console platform provides enhanced network security, improved performance, and faster business-to-business direct connect. For more information about the Console Early Access Program, visit http://projects.local/console.to.

IIX Inc. is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. In March 2015, IIX acquired IX Reach Limited, further expanding its global interconnection footprint into more than 150 Points of Presence (PoPs) across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. IIX is privately held and backed by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and DOT Capital.

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