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910Telecom to Offer Direct Access to Console’s Software and Interconnection Platform

Denver, CO – The Denver Gas and Electric Building Meet-Me-Room together with 910Telecom at 910 15th Street in downtown Denver announced today that the company has joined the Console Data Center Partner Program to provide customers access to Console, the enterprise software and interconnection platform that is changing the way businesses directly connect to their customers, vendors, and partners.

The Console Data Center Partner Program provides a turnkey solution for data center operators to offer customers direct access to Console for network-to-network and enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration globally. The partner program provides the necessary support to make a datacenter Console-enabled as well as marketing resources to highlight their business.

The Console software and interconnection platform provides a secure, simple, and faster way for companies across the globe to directly connect to business-critical cloud providers, SaaS providers, and partners. By combining direct access from within a Console-enabled datacenter with Console’s network automation technology, customers gain access to a global ecosystem without the configuration complexity.

“910Telecom is excited to have the Console platform directly accessible in our Meet Me Room. This gives our clients a simple way to directly connect to critical business resources and it provides a more secure and flexible and cost effective way for our cloud and SaaS customers to onboard new business and extend their reach globally,” says Nancy Casados Executive Manager of DGEB Management.

“We are excited to welcome 910Telecom to the Console Data Center Partner Program. With this collaboration, we will provide 910Telecom’s customers with direct access to other network and cloud service providers that are important to meet their business demands and stay ahead of the competition,” says Al Burgio, CEO, Console.

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