GRX – Global Roaming Exchange

The GRX – IPX Data Roaming service enables the routing of a large volume of international data roaming traffic between Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators and IoT aggregators worldwide through Console Connect’s IPX/GRX network.

The GRX – IPX Data Roaming service is available only to customers who are registered Mobile Operators with an IR.21 or to an MVNO/ IoT who has an IR.21.

Levels of GRX connectivity

Console Connect offers the GRX – IPX Data Roaming service with the option for you to customize the GRX reach requested in the order.

What are the levels of connectivity offered for GRX?

When selecting a level of connectivity for GRX, you can choose between multiple options, as follows:

  • Worldwide on-net and off-net mobile operators
    GRX global reach to the 800+ Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators and IoT aggregators worldwide.
  • Worldwide on-net mobile operators only
    GRX on-net reach to only the mobile operators who are directly connected to the Console Connect GRX network.
  • Local regional on-net mobile operators only
    GRX global reach to the 800+ Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators and IoT aggregators worldwide.

What regions are available for GRX?

Regions are:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • South America
  • USA

GRX on-net reach to mobile operators on Console Connect

The list below shows the current mobile operators directly connected on the Console Connect GRX network. This list will help you identify the regions and operators for reach, particularly if you select “local regional on-net mobile operators only” whilst ordering the GRX product. We are continuously growing the list of mobile operators on Console Connect, therefore this list will grow over time. 

CountryOperator NameConnection region*
BahrainBahrain Telecommunications CompanyEurope
Burkina FasoOrange Burkina FasoEurope
Equatorial GuineaMuniEurope
Falkland IslandsSure Falkland IslandsEurope
Hong KongHong Kong Telecommunications / CSLAsia
Isle of ManManx TelecomEurope
JapanSoracomAsia / USA
MacauCompanhia de Telecomunicações de MacauAsia
PhilippinesGlobe TelecomAsia
PhilippinesSmart PhilippinesAsia
Saudi ArabiaZain Saudi ArabiaEurope
South KoreaSK TelecomAsia
South KoreaKT CorporationAsia
ThailandAdvanced Wireless NetworkAsia

* The connection region denotes the region through which we route traffic for this provider, and may not match its geographical location.


What is Fixed Bandwidth billing?

Fixed bandwidth billing has no bursting capability and should reflect your expected bandwidth for regular use. This will be the bandwidth that you pay with the fixed monthly charge for the service.

What is Burstable Bandwidth Billing?

Burstable billing is a flexible pricing model where you pay for a certain level of bandwidth allocation (we call it “Committed Bandwidth”) at a fixed rate, which covers your expected or average use. If your bandwidth demand occasionally exceeds the agreed-upon baseline “Committed Bandwidth”, the burstable model allows you to use more than the “Committed Bandwidth” without needing to upgrade the total capacity allocated to the GRX VLAN permanently. The upper limit of how much you can exceed by is set with the “ordered bandwidth” field, up to what is available on your selected source port.

The additional usage is billed separately. Console Connect offers a monthly 95th percentile burstable billing calculation of the additional usage.

To be eligible for Burstable Bandwidth billing on GRX, you must order a service with a Committed Bandwidth which is 10% or greater of the total capacity allocated to the GRX VLAN, which is the Burst Limit.(i.e. a 1 Gbps VLAN will require a 100 Mbps Committed Bandwidth).

What is the 95th Percentile?

The 95th percentile is a widely used mathematical calculation to evaluate the regular and sustained use of a network connection.

Bandwidth is measured from the switch or router and recorded in a log file. At the end of the month, the samples are sorted from highest to lowest, and the top 5% (which is equal to approximately 36 hours of a 30-day billing cycle) of data is thrown away. The next highest measurement becomes the billable use for the entire month.

Based on this model, the top 36 hours (top 5% of 720 hours) of peak traffic is not taken into account when billed for an entire month. Bandwidth could be used at a higher rate for up to 72 min a day with no financial penalty.

How and when will I be charged?

Burstable billing is only available for customers who are paying for their GRX service via Invoice. Charges for the Committed Bandwidth will be invoiced on the first day of each month as per usual. Burstable bandwidth usage charges will be invoiced monthly in arrears.