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The Console Connect Ecosystem

Global, neutral

Fully carrier and data center neutral. Diverse and multi-market organic ecosystem of popular services, partners and users.

Delivering secure, dependable enterprise-class connectivity requires more than a point solution: it takes a ‘connectivity ecosystem.’ The Console Connect solution is a unique combination of platform, community and architecture that fully automates the entire connection process.

With a single connection to Console, you have immediate access to a global ecosystem of cloud infrastructure and XaaS providers, as well as your business-critical partners. Our ‘one-to-many’ and ‘many-to-many’ capabilities increase your business communication and connectivity capabilities.

Through the Console interconnection platform, (which is distributed and interconnected in numerous Internet Exchange points), enterprises can connect with other enterprises and to clouds, and clouds can connect to clouds all with one click of a button. The company used Layer 3 automation with aspects of social networking to accomplish this, and accommodate any-to-any digital ecosystem.

The Console Connect Ecosystem at Work

A Robust Platform to Fully Automate Interconnection

The Console Connect Platform provides dynamic, on-demand connectivity as well as one-to-many and many-to-many capabilities. Our software-defined platform allows for single-click provisioning, performance monitoring, traffic optimization, analytics, flexible configurations. The result is a superior quality of experience of your business-critical applications with lower latency and greater security as well as increased visibility into—and control over—your connections.

The Console Connect Architecture has two major components. Our network architecture is built from the ground up for high availability and performance, providing resilience and redundancy. Our software architecture delivers a highly secure customer web portal and a robust set of API’s.

“They don’t really have to think about BGP, ASNs or who do I have to contact. All of that is done and readily available in a point and click manner in Console.”

Zaid Ali Kahn

Director, Global Infrastructure Architecture and Strategy

A Rich Community of Partners

A Community of Networks

Whether it’s cloud, enterprise, network providers, exchange providers, data center interconnection, or even building your own WAN, with Console Connect there’s no need to set up multiple direct connects. For the first time, you can create your own interconnect resource from a single platform

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A Community of Shared Interest

Our global clients are a community of networking professionals with shared issues and an interest in improving their services by learning from each other. In addition, they create and extend their own community to their strategic business partners.

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“Bypassing the public internet improves latency as well as security, by increasing immunity to DDoS attacks. It also gives enterprises the ability to directly connect with SaaS and content providers.”