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Your clouds, your way

CloudNexus™ changes the game by enabling direct, any-to-any connectivity between clouds. Create predictable, private, direct connections to AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or private clouds, and shift workloads between them at will.

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CloudNexus™ is the first automated cloud-to-cloud direct connection solution for the enterprise, letting you create private, secure direct connections in minutes—between multi- or hybrid-cloud environments and across disparate locations and providers. The result: any-to-any connectivity between all your clouds—whatever the type—and increased flexibility in both your business connectivity and your vendor management.

CloudNexus™ maintains full customer isolation and creates a private Community of Interest Network (COIN) within each customer’s private routing domain.

Connections between clouds are created in minutes, using the same automated direct interconnections that are the foundation of the Console platform.

Because CloudNexus is a virtual router on the Console network, it takes advantage of automated interconnections that provide the security, transparency and reliability our customers have come to rely on.

Key features and benefits

  • Direct cloud-to-cloud connectivity
    No overlays required
  • Reduced cost of AWS Direct Connect
    Avoids higher cost internet gateway
  • Optimized data path
    No hairpinning of traffic
  • Enhanced security posture
    Zero exposure to internet-based traffic hijacking via DDoS
  • Simplified provisioning and deployment
    Software-defined interconnection® and routing automation
  • Hybrid multi-cloud
  • Combine a wide range of public and private cloud resources in the same private COIN for inter-application communication and resource sharing.

  • AWS inter-region connectivity
  • Connect resources in different AWS regions to develop an integrated cloud architecture and enhance the redundancy capabilities of your deployment.

  • Workload mobility
  • Move workloads quickly and efficiently between public clouds; either between regions in the same provider or between cloud providers. Workload mobility allows you to move workloads of any size, from containers to a full-footprint cloud migration.

  • Disaster recovery
  • Achieve cloud provider redundancy, and leverage direct
    inter-cloud communication to keep everything in sync.

Putting software-defined networking to work